The future of biometrics that will come from the hand of Apple

The future of biometrics that will come from the hand of Apple

Apple would be preparing to include new forms of biometric security in its devices. Let’s see more details.
With the launch of the iPhone 5s there was a real revolution since Apple integrated in this model the sensor of fingerprints known as Touch ID, which from that moment changed the way of interacting with our device giving us greater security. It also made the rest of manufacturers implement this technology in an efficient way; It seems that the new thing could happen again with the new biometric technology that would have prepared Apple.

The Touch ID could be replaced in the future by a new form of biometrics

The future of biometrics that will come from the hand of Apple
As shown in 9to5Mac , according to a report from KGI, the Cupertino-based company could implement in the future new biometric technology that would replace the Touch ID and would allow an iPhone without frames. In this new technology could be replaced the current fingerprint sensor by an optical sensor, also integrating sensors facial recognition which would further enhance security.
Given that draft an iPhone 8 without bezels from Cupertino would like to integrate this new biometric technology going a step further and last button “under the glass” that we have in the current iPhone 7 to an optical sensor to be integrated “under the Panel “of the device.  However the engineers of the bite apple house will have a hard work ahead if they finally meet the rumors of an OLED panel model; and optical sensor that should be able to function despite interference with that kind of display. This problem would be the most difficult production, which probably would affect the final price of the terminal ; However this optical sensor does not seem to be integrated into the next generation because it is still in the initial stages.

Apple could be working with face recognition sensors

Another of the great rumors that are cited in the report by KGI also has to do with security, but taken to another level. And it is that from Cupertino would be working to integrate facial recognition sensors in future devices ; They would choose this way for a complete recognition of the face instead of a biometric iris examination. However, like the optical sensor of the footprint, this technology will also be ready in the distant future to the iPhone 8.
Anyway, and if Apple finally implemented these technologies in the next iPhone or on these devices, let us in comments what you think of these rumors do you think that current technologies offer us sufficient security or should work companies by offering new ways to protect our Handheld device?