Google Launches New Social Networking App, “Who’s Down”

The search engine giant has launched a new social networking app simply known as Who’s Down.

Who’s Down will allow users to be able to know when friends are free and are ready to interact.

Like many chat apps, Who’s Down has chat functionality embedded in it for one-on-one or group interactions.

The app provides easy avenue for friends with similar interest to be able organize themselves by creating group and have everybody pouring out their hearts and interest freely.

Who’s Down is not the first time Google is coming up with a social networking platform, as Google Plus, which is also a social networking platform from the search giant has been there for long.
Google%2BWho%2Bis%2BDown Google Launches New Social Networking App, “Who’s Down”

But to be frank here, despite all the effort that Google has put on Google Plus to be a force for other social networking platforms from other companies to reckon with, Google Plus has not really live up to expectation as the app rarely excites its users.

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With Who’s Down, who knows, maybe the things that were lacking in Google Plus and that were causing people express rather nonchalant attitude towards it, they may end up finding it in Google latest addition.

Since necessity is the mother of invention and varieties being the spice of life, change could as well be the only constant thing in life; Google most probably has toed this path in coming up with “Who’s Down”

With a visible slide button, users can slide to let friend know that they are down to hook and interact from heart to heart.

For now, Who’s Down is available to android and iOS users based on invite only mode.
Those that will get the invite will be requested to put in their email address and school to download and signup.

With the school requirement to signup, one can easily suggest that Google is targeting the young ones in the society with their latest social networking app, Who’s Down

Unlock the world with uTalk

uTalk-1-840x465 Unlock the world with uTalk Android ^(

Learning a new language can be tricky, but as the world gets smaller it’s more and more tempting. If you want to broaden your horizons, uTalk Language Education ^( is just the ticket.

As I write, I’m sitting in a cafe in Medellin, Colombia. It’s a beautiful place with friendly people, and your dollar sure goes a long way out here. Don’t worry though, this isn’t a travel blog. My point is that I don’t speak much Spanish and very few people here speak English. If I had been in the know about uTalk ^( I’d be better equipped to spark up a conversation.

It’s the ideal multilingual tool.

When you sign up to uTalk you get walked through real, practical vocabulary in your language of choice. These are words and phrases you would use in everyday conversation so you can get chatting with locals very quickly. The pronunciation has been verified by native speakers, and there are games and achievements to keep you motivated. It’s the ideal multilingual tool.

There’s a range of uTalk subscriptions on offer at the moment. The 6 language package ^( for example teaches you French, Italian, German and Spanish (both European and Latin-American). At the moment a lifetime subscription is down from $325 to just $29.99 ^(

There are equally big discounts on the 10 language Asian package ^( and the 12 language European package ^( There’s even a combination 22 language package ^( on offer for the real globetrotters among you.

So carpe diem (Latin not included) and take up the offer before it expires. Check out the packages by hitting the button below.

Check ’em out! ^(
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Google Home is now available in Canada

Google-Home-Review-1-of-15-840x473 Google Home is now available in Canada Android

Google Home ^( is the first major virtual assistant-powered speaker to arrive in Canada, and it can be yours for $179 starting today.

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Google-Home-Review-15-of-15-90x68 Google Home is now available in Canada Android

Google Home review – the future of the home?

November 18, 2017

Moving to Canada has its perks: fake syrup is no longer the norm, and the chances are, you’ll be able to find good poutine virtually anywhere to satiate your hunger after a night out. However, one thing that had me doubting my decision to move was what I call the US-Canada delay. It seems that at least for technology, companies seem to forget about Canada’s existence despite its proximity to the US. It’s only after months of waiting that Canadians get what their US neighbors have had for ages. And virtual assistant speakers are no exception.

I’ve done my share of cross-border shopping, and I know quite a few people who have imported smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home from the US to Canada, but of course, they’re meant for the US market, meaning some features don’t work quite as well in Canada. That’s why I was so relieved when Google announced that its cylindrical assistant would be coming to Canada this summer ^( – June 26 to be more specific.

Well, the day has come, and indeed, the Google Home is the first major smart speaker to be available in Canada. You can order it from Google directly ^( or from other retailers like Best Buy ^(, The Source ^(, and Staples ^( for $179 – which is basically a direction conversion of the official US price of $129. If you don’t want to wait for it to be shipped, you can also go to any of the aforementioned retailers nearby although it looks like Staples has limited stock offline.

The only difference, apart from localized sources for news and such, is its ability to speak Canadian English and Canadian French.

I’ve pre-ordered mine, but I had the chance to play with one yesterday, and not surprisingly, it works exactly like the ones sold in the US. The only difference, apart from localized sources for news and such, is its ability to speak Canadian English and Canadian French.

For those of you in Canada, have you pre-ordered/bought Google’s home assistant speaker? How’s your experience been so far? Let us know in the comments below!