An Antenna that Really Chefs–Really

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[9A4OV] arrange a receiver ^( the usage of the HackRF board and an LNA that can obtain the NOAA 19 satellite tv for pc. In fact, a receiver wishes an antenna, and he made one the usage of a cooking pot. The antenna isn’t preferrred – no less than indoors – but it surely does paintings. He’s hoping to tweak it to recover reception. You’ll be able to see movies of the antenna and the ensuing reception, beneath.

The satellite tv for pc is sending Top-Solution Image Transmission (HRPT) information which gives a better symbol high quality than Computerized Image Transmission (APT). APT is at 137 MHz, however HRPT is at 1698 MHz and most often calls for a greater receiver and antenna machine.

If you make a decision to make a pot antenna your self, we’d watch out drilling thru non-stick finishes. Polymer fume fever ^( calls for the PTFE to warmth to nearly 600 levels, so most definitely mild machining isn’t going to trigger an issue, however alternatively, why take a possibility? Paintings in air flow and give protection to your self from breathing in the mud.

In most cases, satellite tv for pc rigs are a bit of extra advanced. Alternatively, the pot antenna isn’t deciphering pictures but, both. We’ve observed a number of APT tasks up to now. Everybody’s observed antennas constituted of Pringles cans. We’ve even observed them constructed from spoons and Tupperware, so we wager a pot isn’t all that sudden.

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