Artie and the Magic Pencil, the application of the week for iPhone and iPad

Once again, Apple has once again select a new  application of the week , and this time is  Artie and Pencil Magic , normally valued at € 1.99.
  • A fun and interactive adventure story with a cast of lovable characters.
  • You can play in story mode or using the map to play back whenever you want.
  • Helps children understand the basics of drawing and art
  • Develops motor skills and graphics
  • Teaches important lessons of altruism and empathy
  • 27 different objects to draw
  • Colorful illustrations and infantile world
  • Delightful animations and soundtrack half
  • Ideal for children between 3 and 6 masters
  • It promotes creativity front and outside the panatela
  • Downloadable additional drawing sheets to print and enjoy at home

As for the game itself,  Artie and the Magic Pencil is an interactive educational adventure that teaches children the basic ideas of drawing inspire them to be creative in front or off the screen.
Joining the dots and lines forms forms Kids will come to life! With a funny story and offers attractive animations, Artie and the Magic Pencil will help children learn the power of art and how to help others.
In addition, children can choose to play Artie and the Magic Pencil following the story through the world of Artie or using the map in the top corner to draw and customize your favorite objects again.
Artie and the Magic Pencil is available for  free (until 1 December) and is universal .

Artie and the Magic Pencil (AppStore Link) Artie and the Magic Pencil 
Developer: MINILAB LTD

Rated: 4+1

Price: Free


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