Best screen protectors for the Galaxy S7

What are the easiest screen protectors for the GS7?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the absolute best telephones of 2016. With its stunning glass curves, you’ll be able to need to take a look at and offer protection to the screen from scuffs and scratches.

Usually, we might suggest a tempered glass screen protector — tempered glass gives the absolute best coverage for your screen. However in the case of telephones like the Galaxy S7, the ones attractive curves lead to best issues for tempered glass. The inflexible glass can not warp round the edges, that means you are left with not up to complete screen protection, with edges that may acquire mud and pocket lint. It is only a mess you will not need to maintain.

So as an alternative, we’re going to be recommending movie screen protectors — now not as tricky as tempered glass, however offering a lot better protection for your screen.

Yootech Curved Side to Side Screen Protector 3-%

Yootech’s 3-% of screen protectors supplies facet-to-part protection for your telephone with exact cutouts for the ear speaker, digital camera and fingerprint scanner. The package comprises the whole thing you’ll be able to want for install — alcohol prep pad, squeeze card and mud removing tape.

This screen protector makes use of dry set up, that means it adheres on your telephone’s screen by the use of magic! In reality, they use static electrical energy to hang on your telephone. That suggests you will want to be fairly cautious all the way through set up to be in a dirt-loose setting. A just right tip can be to steam up your rest room to get all the mud in the air to settle, then do the install in there.

For those who utterly reduce to rubble your first set up try, you no less than get two spares right here, so you’ll be able to provide it any other shot and also have a alternative to switch out in case your first one will get too crushed up.

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Maxboost Liquid Pores and skin Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

The Maxboost Liquid Pores and skin protector comprises two screen protectors for the screen — one with exact cutouts round the bits you wish to have uncovered, and the different a case-pleasant choice with cutouts from the side round the most sensible and backside of the screen. Additionally it is a protector movie for the again panel of your telephone, as a result of it is product of glass to and at risk of scratches and scuffs too!

As you might have accumulated from the identify, those protectors require a rainy set up with the incorporated spray bottle. You spray down the sticky aspect of the screen protector, position it down in your wiped clean screen and modify it till it is good. Then you will want to use the squeegee card to filter out any bubbles then depart it to dry in a single day. You will want to watch out with it for the first few days, too, particularly in case you plan to slap a case for your telephone too.

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IQ Defend LiQuidSkin 2-%

Any other rainy set up choice, the IQ Defend LiQuidSkin comprises two screen protectors that IQ Defend claims each and every screen protector is composed of four layers of coverage. Chopping thru the advertising buzzwords, those screen protectors function a layer of TPU, will adhere smartly for your telephone and will have to supply sturdy, clear coverage with out yellowing over the years.

Install calls for you to spray the adhesive aspect of the screen with the incorporated spray bottle, then squeegee out the extra and any bubbles then depart it to dry for a couple of hours. The advantages of a rainy set up over a dry set up come with crystal transparent transparency, and you are able to stick the protector round the curved edges higher.

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Which screen protectors do you agree with?

If the screen protector logo you employ is not on our record, tell us in the feedback!


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