Brutal – Toolkit to quickly create various Payload, PowerShell Attack, Virus Attack and Launch Listener for a HID

Brutal is terribly helpful for executing scripts on a goal device with out the will for human-to-keyboard interplay ( HID -ATTACK ) .While you insert the instrument, it’ll be detected as a keyboard, and the usage of the microprocessor and onboard flash reminiscence garage, you’ll ship a very rapid set of keystrokes to the objective’s device and utterly compromise it, irrespective of autorun. I’ve used it in my safety checking out to run recon or enumeration scripts, execute opposite shells, exploit native DLL hijack/privilege escalation vulnerabilities, and get all password . Now im broaden new equipment the identify is Brutal

So what Brutal ?
Brutal is a toolkit to quickly create various payload,powershell assault , virus assault and release listener for a Human Interface Instrument



  • Do you need like a mr robotic hacking scene when Angela moss plug usb into laptop for get credential data ? you’ll make a selection payload in brutal ( not obligatory 3 or 4 )

The Function

  • Generate various payload and powershell assault with out coding
  • To lend a hand breaking laptop very rapid and agile :p
  • The Payloads Compatibility > goal Home windows machines most effective


The next has been examined and is understood to paintings.

  • Teensy 3.x
  • Usb Cable 

Getting Began

  1. Replica and paste the PaensyLib folder inside of your Arduinolibraries
  2. git clone
  3. cd Brutal
  4. chmod +x
  5. sudo ./ or sudo su ./



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