Check to see if you're covered by Google's Project Fi network

Networks, while you take into consideration it, come down to one factor: protection.

In case you are no longer covered the place you are living, paintings and commute … smartly, not anything else issues. However in partnering with three U.S. carriers — Dash, T-Cell and U.S. Mobile — Google’s Project Fi surely has a captivating benefit. (And be mindful you even have calling to be had over Wi-Fi when you want it.)

However the query stands: will you could have Project Fi protection the place you are living, paintings and commute? And, in fact, there is a at hand map for that.

To see if you might be covered by Google’s Project Fi, simply consult with and input your location (state, town, ZIP) at the map — and regardless of the place you seek, you’ll at all times zoom and scroll round to see what the encircling space is like as smartly.

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Like different carriers you’ll be able to get a color-coded map that displays you the darkest inexperienced for complete LTE protection, or lighter spaces for 3G and 2G. The map is beautiful excellent about stating particular spaces round a state or town that can arise quick on protection, and whilst the real real-world revel in can by no means be completely mapped it is a good spot to get started.

Evaluate Project Fi’s protection map to the ones from the opposite carriers, and you will to find that it compares somewhat favorably.


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