Crossfire Hack RCC V0.06 Cheat Wallhack Superkill Auto Head Shot Fast Knife

Options and Hotkeys

Wallhack (F1)
SeeGhost (F2)
Anti KnockBack (auto)
No Worm Injury (auto)
No Nade Injury (auto)
Fast Trade & Fast Reload (F6)
Fast Stroll x1.4 (F7) (Deathtrap Map Handiest)
Fast Stroll x4 (F8) (HMX RESORT Map Handiest)
SuperKill (F9) Activate whilst within the foyer
Fast Defuse (F10)
Fast Knife & Knife 360 (INSERT)


    Fast Knife, Fast Reload, and Fast Trade – Activate whilst within the Login Display screen to keep away from Disconnected From Server


Set up VCRedist 2010, 2012 and 2013
.Web Framework 4.5.1


Instructional Video Information:

Settings for Excessive Injector:


Credit to:

Excessive Injector: http://www.hotshotgamers.internet/2015/10/extreme-injector-v361v.html

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RCC V0 06 full vip hack


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