Download new Google wallpapers on your Mac!

Fondos-de-pantalla-de-Google-para-Mac Download new Google wallpapers on your Mac! Apps

If you are someone who really is serious about choosing your wallpaper, we have good news. The application of wallpapers that Google has launched for its Android phones in October, is now available for the same beautiful photos of various landscapes on Mac devices as screen saver.
The application is based only on publicly shared photos of high resolution that does not include people, so you can expect lots of images of nature and relaxing landscapes photos. Google also includes the photographer’s name, for those interested in track him down and see more of his work.

Google wallpapers now on Mac

Under the message “View amazing photos when you do not use your Mac” , Google has launched on the Apple platform program that until now was only available on Android phones.
Now anyone with Mac OS X 10.9 or higher can install this program for free, ^( which works to automatically rotate hundreds of wallpapers.
The application works like any other screen saver. Must be installed and will start showing photos, along with a digital clock and the photographer’s name, after a preset period of reproduction.
Also, this app Goolge Desktop functions only as a screen saver and features native integration of Mac. Once installed, it will appear as an option in the Preferences window “Desktop & Screen Saver” .Users can use the native setting to control when a wallpaper begins.
Screen savers appear statically with the allocation in the lower right corner and Google+ logo on the right. A different image each time the monitor turns off appears. 7.8 MB application is free and works with MacOS 10.9 Mavericks and above.
If you striking this new application to animate the screen of your Mac, you do not stop share your favorite images