Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Storm Silver (NDS)

Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Storm Silver (NDS)



NAME: Pokemon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver
HACKER: Drayano
ROMBASE: HeartGold & SoulSilver
VERSION: v1.05

Sacred Gold and Storm Silver are the fourth set of hacks/edits I’ve performed now; others you may well be acquainted with are Pokémon Fireplace Pink Omega, Pokémon Spirit Gold, and for the ones of you local to GBAtemp, Pokémon Blaze Black and Volt White. For the reason that it’s one of my hacks, it has a lovely equivalent taste within the feel that every one Pokémon are to be had, there’s an higher problem curve, there are (not obligatory) adjustments to Pokémon to make a few of them higher etcetera. You can also marvel why I’ve selected to make some other HG/SS hack once I’ve performed Spirit Gold prior to now; the solution to this query is that Spirit Gold by no means in point of fact took complete good thing about the equipment to be had for DS video games, in particular with regards to scripting. In comparison to Spirit Gold, Sacred Gold and Storm Silver are stuffed with new scripted occasions and different aesthetic adjustments to make it each stuffed with content material and a excitement to take a look at.

Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Storm Silver (NDS) Adjustments To The Video games
Whilst the bottom of the sport is identical (e.g. the maps, the storyline, the overall order of primary occasions) the two hacks nonetheless be able to convey a brand new collection of options to the desk to boost the gameplay revel in, together with:

*493 Pokémon (i.e. all Pokémon to be had within the fourth era) may also be received someway inside the recreation. Legendaries are rather limited, however differently you’ll be able to construct your staff with just about anything else you wish to have. Virtually all Pokémon are to be had previous to the primary spherical of the Elite 4! As well as, you additionally obtain the Nationwide Dex the instant you get the Pokédex, making it that so much more uncomplicated to trace what you have got and haven’t stuck. There are a few minor adjustments in Wild encounters among Sacred Gold and Storm Silver, however all 493 are to be had in each.

*Running shoes have won new rosters to tie in with the larger number of Pokémon to be had (defined through a ‘migration wave’ to the areas). This implies you’ll be struggling with a miles higher number of Pokémon than you’ll see prior to now. Fitness center Leaders and different necessary running shoes particularly have won a big spice up to their problem, so get in a position to tackle a few exhausting fights! As with the remainder of my hacks, Fitness center Leaders, Elite 4 individuals etcetera all use six Pokémon in each and every battle. New Teacher battles have additionally been introduced the place suitable; examples come with the strategy to fight Ethan/Lyra, Cynthia and Steven.

*The information of a large number of Pokémon has been modified; it will imply simply additional degree-up movements, however options corresponding to talents, revel in charges, TM compatibility or even varieties may well be modified. Some of these are carried over from Blaze Black & Volt White, however the hack has introduced a few new concepts to the desk. For the ones of you preferring a purer Pokémon revel in, the ‘Vintage’ model presented has those Pokémon edits got rid of.

*A small quantity of assault movements have additionally been edited. All movements that got a few kind of amendment in Black & White have had the similar amendment implemented to them in Sacred Gold & Storm Silver the place imaginable, in addition to a few further edits to make Minimize, Power and Rock Destroy extra helpful than their earlier opposite numbers. A considerable amount of Pokémon were given additional degree-up movements in a few shape to lead them to more uncomplicated to boost.

*Edits to evolutions imply Sacred Gold and Storm Silver are self-contained (i.e. you do not want to industry to procure all of the Pokémon). Normally, this merely turns the thing wanted for evolution via industry right into a usable merchandise similar to an evolution stone, although for a few instances the place evolution is both awkward or unimaginable in HG/SS (e.g. Leafeon, Glaceon, Magneton, Nosepass…) a few new pieces were brought; this assists in keeping consistency with earlier pieces.

*The supply of things has been modified fairly wildly normally; all evolution pieces and TMs at the moment are to be had once or more previous to the primary spherical of the Elite 4, that means you’ll be able to form your staff up rather smartly for what’s now not even the general problem within the recreation!

*On that word, a few issues were modified simply to make issues within the recreation much more handy. Examples come with an EXP Percentage to be had in Violet Town, the removing of so much useless Minimize timber and different aggravating HM moments, and the addition of buyable evolution stones to one of the crucial retail outlets across the areas. The numbers of Fitness center Leaders also are now so much more uncomplicated to procure–they’re given to you instantly after the struggle! Cash too can now be bought from the Goldenrod Recreation Nook.

*All kinds of scripted occasions were each brought and edited. The degrees of so much adventure Pokémon that already existed at the moment are raised, however there are many new occasions for the aim of supplying you with new Pokémon, pieces or TMs. Notables come with an Eevee given to you by way of Cynthia extraordinarily early within the recreation, the addition of a Teleport gadget within the Elite 4 to can help you problem them in any order á los angeles Black & White, a Staff Rocket takeover of Course forty seven and the Safari Zone and a Shellder and Cloyster siege in Fuchsia Town. Sure, you learn that proper. Each and every newly brought mythical has additionally had a few kind of script concocted for it, so that you gained’t be simply discovering them within the wild as you probably did with Blaze Black and Volt White. The Recreation Nook’s prizes have additionally been edited; you’ll be able to get a Porygon in Goldenrod Town, when you so make a selection.

*Trades inside the recreation have additionally been each edited and shifted round to make getting a few onerous-to-position Pokémon somewhat extra handy. Examples come with the power to industry for Pokémon akin to Gligar, Skarmory, Beldum and Smoochum. They also have a transfer in most cases discovered through TM, or on no account!

*A few small aesthetical edits were made, e.g. Karen has a brand new history for her fight and Lance now makes use of Cynthia’s history from DPPt as an alternative of his personal. A few try has additionally been made at enticing the arena extra in its inter-nearby Pokémon amendment via having Hoenn and Sinnoh overworld sprites seem in more than a few puts. A few DP running shoes additionally make an look, even though this used to be a past due function and has but to be absolutely fleshed out as a result of time constraints. There’s additionally a slightly hefty addition of Black & White sprites to the desk, in particular for Hoenn Pokémon. The primary Pokémon additionally now have seals hooked up to provide them a extra personalized look. In spite of everything, textual content has been edited such that every one Pokémon names are decapitalised (so Pidgeotto quite than PIDGEOTTO, as an example.) There’s additionally been one or two bits of discussion which were modified again to their GSC model.

*A few additional bits of ‘tale’ were introduced, although it’s admittedly little or no and used to be additionally a past due addition so it’s now not totally fleshed out but, nevertheless it makes a speciality of the theory of a ‘Mythical Teacher’ who can meet the ‘author’ and the weeding out of the Plate pieces. May well be one thing to concentrate on in a later free up.

*The sport has had a lot of blockades brought to it to extend the linearity of the tale. At the same time as this will sound strange/dangerous, it serves so as to building up the extent curve of Johto, which within the unique video games used to be moderately negative. Principally this implies you’re pressured to visit Cianwood first as an alternative of Mahogany, and the Kanto area additionally forces you to take a undeniable course to offer it extra of an ‘purpose’.

Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Storm Silver (NDS)

Pokemon Sacred Gold Storm Silver
[DOWNLOAD ^(] [ZIP] (60.5MB)

[DOWNLOAD ^(] [ZIP] (60.5MB)

HOW TO PLAY! : to play this recreation, you wish to have a software referred to as Emulator, Make a selection your emulator HERE ^(

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