EFF’s Stupid Patent of the Month: Streaming cloud-based content

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Each and every month the Digital Frontier Basis problems its “Stupid Patent of the Month.” Whilst there is probably not sufficient months left earlier than the apocalypse for EFF to reveal each dumb patent, the virtual civil rights workforce’s newest to find is a doozy.
US Patent No. 8,856,221 is known as the “Device and way for storing broadcast content in a cloud-based computing surroundings.” In brief, the invention claims possession of a option to ship media content from far flung servers—the cloud, as we now realize it—to computer systems.
“This may were a slightly contemporary concept in, say the mid-1990s, however the utility for this patent used to be filed in 2011,” notes Daniel Nazer, the EFF personnel lawyer with the prominent name of the “AppMarsh Cuban Chair to Do away with Stupid Patents.”

The patent suggests the usage of “a minimum of one server” that are meant to have “a reminiscence that retail outlets media content and a processor.” The server then communicates with “a shopper instrument” that may ship messages and obtain content.

Except those prosaic main points, the patent makes just a half-hearted effort to differentiate its meant invention from the huge array of cloud-based media products and services that already existed when it used to be filed.

For instance, the description means that current products and services have been insufficient as a result of shoppers may pay a flat per month rate but make few downloads.

The patent recommends tailoring buyer value to the content in truth downloaded.

However even supposing that used to be a brand new concept in 2011 (and it wasn’t), regimen pricing practices will have to now not be patentable.

Rothschild Broadcast Distribution Methods owns the patent and is a patent troll based totally in the Jap District of Texas, in line with Nazer.

The patent proprietor, Nazer mentioned, is in the procedure of suing (PDF) 25 firms—from unknown (PDF) startups to Disney (PDF).
The EFF closing yr awarded the identical inventor the “Stupid Patent of the Month” for an “Web drink mixer.” US Patent No. 8,788,090, granted in 2017, describes an invention the place a far flung server “transmits” a “product desire” by way of a “conversation module.” Nazer mentioned that the mixer patent “arguably lined the whole Web of Issues.”
Neither the inventor nor Rothschild’s legal professionals in an instant replied for remark. Nazer mentioned the newest “Stupid Patent of the Month” invention “incorporates little greater than rote recitations of long-existing applied sciences.”