F-Scrack – A Single File Bruteforcer Supports Multi-Protocol

F-Scrack is a unmarried record bruteforcer helps multi-protocol, no additional library calls for apart from python usual library, which is perfect for a fast check.
These days strengthen protocol: FTP, MySQL, MSSQL,MongoDB,Redis,Telnet,Elasticsearch,PostgreSQL.
Appropriate with OSX, Linux, Home windows, Python 2.6+.


python F-Scrack.py -h 192.168.1 [-p 21,80,3306] [-m 50] [-t 10]

Supports ip(, ip vary (192.168.1) (, ip listing (ip.ini) , most 65535 ips in step with scan.
Ports you wish to have to scan, use comma to split multi ports. Eg 1433,3306,5432.
Default scan ports(21,23,1433,3306,5432,6379,9200,11211,27017) if no ports specified.
Selection of threads. Default is 100.
Seconds to attend ahead of timeout.
Dictionary record.
Scan with out ping scan(Reside hosts come across).


python F-Scrack.py -h 10.111.1
python F-Scrack.py -h -d move.txt
python F-Scrack.py -h -p 3306,5432 -m 200 -t 6
python F-Scrack.py -h ip.ini -n


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