Galaxy S5 Already Can Control Car

115333_androidauto Galaxy S5 Already Can Control Car Apps
Though it was officially released, only a few Nexus devices that could be used for the Android Auto platform. But now Galaxy S5 and also Galaxy S4 users could certainly do the same.

Android Auto is a google’s multimedia car platform. This platform is Google’s answer to Apple’s CarPlay. Using both platforms, users can control all functions in the vehicle such as using a smartphone.

Now the technology also be felt by the Galaxy S5 and S4 user. How to use is same, the user just needs to connect his mobile phone to the Android Auto platform.

Once connected, users can do a variety things in the dashboard of the vehicle, such as a handsfree phone calls, displays the navigation map based on Google Maps, play music, and others as well as using a smartphone.

Users can also get the weather service, using Skype, WhatsApp, until Spotify with Android Auto. More easily when all these functions can be accessed via the Google Now voice commands.

Or generally users can access these menus through a screen embedded in the dashboard. However, in some premium-class car, the menu can be directly performed on the Multi Information Display (MID), which are located just adjacent to the speedometer.

Oh yes, the Galaxy S5 and S4 users who want to connect to Android Auto also have to make sure the Android OS is already version 5.0 Lollipop or up.

interested? Means in addition must have a cell phone that has been supported, must also be ready to spend all to bring Android Auto tech cars.