Haptic Proximity Module – Cheap and Easy

The%2BHaptic%2BProximity%2BModule%2BAndro%2BRoot Haptic Proximity Module - Cheap and Easy Root

Haptic Proximity Module -The HPM
Very Cheap and Easy To make
( Minor Venture @ B.tech )

God proficient sense of imaginative and prescient to the human being is a very powerful facet of our existence. However there are
some unlucky individuals who lack the facility of visualizing issues.There are roughly 37 million folks around the globe who’re blind, over 15 million are from India. Even for the non-visually impaired the congestion of stumbling blocks is every so often problematic, it’s even worse for the visually impaired. Other folks with visible disabilities are frequently depending on exterior help which can also be equipped through people, skilled canines, or particular digital gadgets as make stronger techniques for determination making. Current gadgets are in a position to come across and acknowledge gadgets that emerge at the flooring, however a substantial chance may be contains the gadgets which are at a surprising intensity, or stumbling blocks above waist degree or stairs. Thus we have been motivated to broaden a wise software to triumph over those obstacles.

The Silent options of Haptic Proximity Module :-

  • The HPM will come across the impediment and warn the consumer.
  • Other Form of sound for Other Distance.
  • Intensity and Top of any Impediment can Be Detected.
  • Vibration Motor assist the consumer in crowded Puts.

Portions Required for Haptic Proximity Module:

  • Haptic Proximity Module-With Arduino Board:-

  1. Any Arduino Board
  2. Buzzer
  3. Vibrating Motor(From Previous Mobiles)
  4. Breadboard
  5. Connecting Wires
  6. HC-sr 04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  7. 9v Battery
  8. 9v Battery Holder

  • Haptic Proximity Module-With out Arduino Board:-

Following is the checklist of portions or the parts required to design this circuit:-
  1. Atmega328P-PU
  2. HC Sr-04 ultrasonic Sensor
  3. Buzzer
  4. Vibrating Motor
  5. 7805 Voltage Regulator
  6. 10uf capacitor
  7. 16mhz Crystal capacitor
  8. 22pf Disk Capacitor
  9. Resistor (10kohm)
  10. 0 PCB board
  11. Header Pins
  12. 28 pin IC socket
  13. Connecting Wires
  14. Transfer
  15. Battery (9V)
  16. LED
  17. ARDUINO IDE 1.6.6
  18. Soldering Iron
  19. Soldering Twine

Circuit Diagram:-

Haptic Proximity Module-With Arduino Board
HPM%2BArduino Haptic Proximity Module - Cheap and Easy Root
Haptic Proximity Module-With out Arduino Board:-
328_bb Haptic Proximity Module - Cheap and Easy Root

Code for Haptic Proximity Module-:-

/*The Haptic Proximity Module (THE HPM)
* through Sourabh Kumar
* www.appmarsh.com
int buzzerPin = 2; //buzzer
int buzzmot = 5; //vibrator
int ledPin = 6;//indicator
int pingPin = 3; //Trig
int inPin = 4; //Echo
int proximity=0;
int period;
int distance;
void setup()

void loop()

 Ultimate Outcome :- Haptic Proximity Module-The HPM

Andro_Root%2BThe%2BHPM%2B00004 Haptic Proximity Module - Cheap and Easy Root
Andro_Root%2BThe%2BHPM%2B00001 Haptic Proximity Module - Cheap and Easy Root
Andro_Root%2BThe%2BHPM%2B00005 Haptic Proximity Module - Cheap and Easy Root

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This Venture has been an try to broaden moveable Tool to assist Blind Or Low imaginative and prescient Peoples. This software has a buzzer and Vibrating motor and it is going to assist blind folks with the sound and
vibration. The Haptic Proximity Module (HPM) seeks to allow folks with low imaginative and prescient, or different
imaginative and prescient impairments, to interact with their direct atmosphere via vibration comments from a
vary detector, and accomplish that cost effectively with readily to be had parts.
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