How to activate the “low quality image mode” in the iPhone app for messages

How to activate the low quality image mode in the iPhone app for messages

If you happen to ship and obtain numerous messages with pictures from an iPhone or iPad however should not have a plan “unfastened” knowledge, you’ll be able to believe enabling an non-compulsory environment that reduces the quality of pictures despatched via the app messages IOS. The general end result when activating the low-quality image mode is that, in addition to having considerably diminished the image quality in despatched messages, much less knowledge can be used.

Mode image of deficient quality is handiest imaginable in fashionable variations of iOS for iPhone, so that you will have to have iOS 10 or later to have this selection to be had.

How to activate “Low Quality Image Mode” in the iPhone Message App

  • Open the “Settings” utility and cross to “Messages”
  • Scroll to the backside of the message setup and transfer the “Low Quality Image Mode” transfer to the on place
How to activate the low quality image mode in the iPhone app for messages

With mode activated low image quality, pictures despatched from the app messages will probably be markedly inferior quality, with the intention of lowering the use of tool knowledge.
Each and every photograph despatched with low quality mode energetic image is compressed to about 100kb, which a great deal reduces knowledge intake.
It is extremely useful if you end up very shut to the prohibit of your knowledge plan and you need to reduce the extra. Additionally, it may be helpful whilst you check out to ship pictures with low cell sign, since the general dimension is way smaller.
If you happen to later come to a decision that the image quality is just too low and you don’t care about the intake of your knowledge plan, you merely have to disable the low-quality image mode from the message app settings.