How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error Easily Latest.

Hello viewers,
we are going to describe how screen overlay detect on android based phone.In most of the cases such type of error came due to application,error on phones.So first notice that which application create due to error.It has no proper solution,It may easily solve by doing factory reset but you have to aware that all data might be lost. How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error Easily Latest. Apps

So we are going to describe how you remove such error on phone by simple method with out any lost.So let`s begin.
such error actually happen while phone was on KitKat and upgrade online to Nougat ( such error accidentally happen in many models on Android based phones.

Here is the various procedure to remove such type of error.

Uninstall Clean Master,Twilight,File Manager,CM app such type of apps accidentally makes such error while you install different apps mishmash.

Go to Menu
Go to Setting
Go to Display and Wallpaper.
Find One-hand operation and Side key panel off.

Turn off Apps step by steps and check which apps make such type of problem and remove it.
Sometime restart phone also helps to remove such a problem.
Note:-Third party apps create such type of problem.So before download any apps check the compatibility on phone.