How To Install Android M’s new vertical app drawer!

Android M has revelaed a fine amount of new features, including the new vercial-scrolling app drawer in Google Launcher. Some don’t like it, some do – here’s how to get it on your non-Nexus device as well!

The whole procedure is really easy and simple, all you got to do is to update the Google App to the newest version and of course, install the Google Launcher from Google Play Store.

  1. Download the launcher, if you haven’t already. (
  2. Set as your default home, download and install the newest Google App – download (be sure to have unknown sources enabled to install apps that come outside of Google Play Store
Done? Your launcher should reset now. After that, you should see the new app drawer.
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Personally, I like the change. Vertical scrolling list can quickly get you to the very bottom, a search option has also been added with a top bar showing recently launcher apps. What do you think?

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