How to quickly redial the last phone number called on the iPhone

A lot of iPhone customers know that the phone utility assists in keeping monitor of your outgoing and incoming calls, and whilst you’ll use the checklist of “contemporary” in the Phone utility to dial a not too long ago called, there’s every other type of Dial the last number you have got called.

With the trick we will be able to display you beneath, you’ll redial the digits of the last number called on iPhone, however the name won’t in point of fact get started. This permits you to view the last number that has been called and in addition lets in the person to make adjustments to the identical if important.

This trick is fast and simple to follow, so that you will have to practice those easy steps on your iPhone:

  • Open the phone utility and cross to the “Keyboard” tab
  • Press the inexperienced name button

The last number dialed will seem right away. You’ll be able to make adjustments if important or just press the inexperienced button once more to dial the number.

That is very helpful as a result of the last number is routinely displayed on the numeric keypad, however now not dialed. This permits you to see the digits of the last number called, make corrections if important. Any other benefit of this trick is that even works to divulge the number you have got deleted name historical past on iPhone.

As you’re going to see, this can be a very helpful trick and extra “malleable”, since in case you name a number from the contemporary tab, you’ll now not follow adjustments to it, instead of that the name will get started right away with out seeing the dialed number till it begins to dream.


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