httpstat – Curl Statistics Made Simple

httpstat httpstat - Curl Statistics Made Simple Technology
httpstat visualizes curl(1) statistics in some way of attractiveness and readability.
This is a unmarried document Python script that has no dependency and is appropriate with Python 3.

b4b4r07/httpstat ^(
That is what precisely I wish to do on the very starting, however gave up because of now not assured in my bash talent, just right task!

  • Node: yosuke-furukawa/httpstat ^(
    b4b4r07 ^( discussed this in his article ^( , might be used as a HTTP shopper additionally.
  • Pass: davecheney/httpstat ^(
    I am working towards Pass just lately, it is satisfied to learn and be told from this one.
  • Pass (library): tcnksm/go-httpstat ^(
    As opposed to being a cli device, this mission is used as library to assist debugging latency of HTTP requests in Pass code, very considerate and helpful, see extra on this article ^(https:[email protected]/trancing-http-request-latency-in-golang-65b2463f548c#.mm1u8kfnu)
  • PHP: talhasch/php-httpstat ^(
    The PHP implementation via @talhasch
  • Some code blocks in httpstat are copied from different initiatives of mine, take a look:

    • reorx/python-terminal-colour ^( Drop-in unmarried document library for printing terminal colour.
    • reorx/getenv ^( Atmosphere variable definition with kind.
    Obtain httpstat ^(

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