iPhone 6S Have Flash in Front

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One of the main advantages of the iPhone is about the camera. Although has a lower megapixel size than competitors, but in terms of the images results is superior.

The news blows Apple will improve the quality of iPhone 6s camera. In addition to adding the pixel size to 12 megapixels. The company which headquartered in Copurtino will embed flash in front of her camera.

The information obtained by a developer named Hamza Sood after unloading IOS 9 beta. He found the code that showed an increase in the front camera iPhone ability.

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Quoted from Today iPhone, Thursday (11/06/2017), in Hamza code findings seen that the iPhone 6s front camera 6S later can be used to take panoramic photos, 1080p video and Slo-Mo feature. In addition, there will be a flash in the front.

The presence of the above features will surely reap positive responses for iPhone users. Because this time the front camera as often is used with the rear camera.

In addition to selfie, iPhone users often use for FaceTime. Now, with the increased ability in front of the camera, the two activities would be maximum of course.