Lucio is getting some big adjustments, Overwatch team wants less draws

426100-R Lucio is getting some big adjustments, Overwatch team wants less draws iOS

A brand new PTR construct ^( is reside for Overwatch, and it comprises some big adjustments for Lucio. I am hesitant to name them outright nerfs as a common Lucio participant, however time will inform what it is going to do to his win and pickrate.

In brief, his sonic amplifier is now buffed, as is his heal track therapeutic price (50%) and wall experience velocity (30%), however his area-of-effect radius for songs is now 10 meters, down from 30 meters. So now as an alternative of being within the normal subject of people that want heals, you’ll be able to mainly want to be proper up on them. The variety of his final has been nerfed just a little too.

It is indubitably extra inline with bard-like roles in different video games with tighter radius issues, however it is going to take some getting used to — if this is indicative of the general construct (the rest can trade in PTR, simply take a look at Ana). Individuals are already up in palms about it, however given his insanely prime pickrate, it is smart why Snow fall would wish to shake him up. I’ve a sense they will revert to 15-20 meters via the top of the trying out length.

In different information the team is having a look to do away with draws up to conceivable for CTF and Removal video games, however did not be offering any main points past that.

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