macOS Sierra: To search Twitter hashtags on Siri

Siri would possibly therefore be accountable, if you wish to post feelings on Twitter and Fb, you’re simply on the tongue. Then again, Apple’s voice assistant in new macOS Sierra can be used so as to search for key phrases and so-referred to as “Hashtags” on Twitter.

macOS%2BSierra%2Bwith%2Bsiri macOS Sierra: To search Twitter hashtags on Siri Android

It isn’t in particular tricky to make Siri search for key phrases or hashtags on Twitter. However you’ll be able to query Siri in any formula like ” search on Twitter to X ” or ” search on Twitter to hashtag X “. For those who first of all be offering the pc mind the context of “search” and “Twitter”, it is aware you higher. Check it out. May you assert as an alternative “Search hashtag X on Twitter”, there are larger probability that Apple’s voice assistant does now not keep in mind in no time.

macOS%2BSiri%2BAssistant macOS Sierra: To search Twitter hashtags on Siri Android
Hashtag search with Siri on Mac (Symbol: Apple)

Hashtag search with Siri

Actually, the command returns ” searches on Twitter to #ps ” comments within the type of search effects. The show together with Avatar and brief textual content. You are going to additionally see a consumer to decide while the tweet is revealed. A click on on the Tweet opens a preview that presentations no less than a larger avatar and the whole textual content. Answer you’ll be able to on the aspect on the Tweet now not instantly, however must open it within the browser. In keeping with Apple has attainable hidden for the longer term.