Miranda IM v0.10.63 Portable

Miranda Miranda IM v0.10.63 Portable Apps
Miranda IM is a multi-protocol speedy messaging consumer for Home windows. Very mild on device assets and very speedy, Miranda IM calls for no set up and will also be made to suit on a unmarried floppy disk or USB power. That includes a formidable plugin-based framework and boasting over 350 plugins, Miranda IM is one of probably the most versatile and customisable messaging shoppers on this planet. To peer how a few of our customers have customised Miranda IM, take a look at the screenshot phase.
Protocol Make stronger
    * AIM (AOL Rapid Messenger)
    * Gadu-Gadu
    * IAX (Inter-Asterisk Trade)
    * ICQ
    * IRC (Web Relay Chat)
    * Jabber
    * MSN
    * Netsend
    * Tlen
    * Yahoo
    * And extra…
Miranda-IM Workforce – Title, nickname (Function, Focal point)
    * Kubilay Kocak, koobs (Undertaking Supervisor, Device Administrator)
    * Tim Hunter, cojones (Useful resource Supervisor)
    * Robert Rainwater, rainwater (Lead Developer)
    * Gennady Feldman, gena01 (Developer, Yahoo Protocol)
    * George Hazan, ghazan (Developer, Jabber Protocol)
    * Maxim Mluhov, mlu (Developer, Jabber Protocol)
    * Boris Krasnovskiy, borkra (Developer, MSN Protocol)
    * Joe Kucera, joe_whale (Developer, ICQ Protocol)
    * Aaron Landwehr, snaphat (Developer, AIM Protocol)
    * Alex Sanda, Nightwish (Developer, Clist Nicer, TabSRMM)
    * Artem Shpynov, fyr (Developer, Clist Fashionable)
    * Ricardo Domenecci, pescuma (Developer, Avatar Carrier)
    * Adam Strzelecki, ono (Developer, Common)
    * Tjado Maecke, tjado (Internet Developer, Device Administrator)
    * Lyon Lim, lyon (Internet Developer, On-Go away)
32Bit (Measurement: 9.76 MB)
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64Bit (Measurement: 10.8 MB)
download_button Miranda IM v0.10.63 Portable Apps


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