Nival Ultra Portable Washing Machine Fits in Your Bag

Nival extremely moveable washer suits to your bag, so you’ll be able to take it anyplace with you, and the usage of detergent drugs and built-in transducer, the moveable washing machine delivers a easy and handy technique to blank your garments.

Nival Ultra Portable Washing Machine

Look design

The Nival is a carry-on, extremely moveable washer that most effective measures 20mm diameter through 7mm thick. As we will be able to see from the photographs, the moveable washing machine displays off an extremely compact and minimalistic design, so you’ll be able to without difficulty retailer it in your bag for any tenting or trade commute.

Nival Ultra Portable Washing Machine

Serve as options

The moveable washer comes supplied with a built-in tough transducer that induces top drive waves at hand-wash frequency in order to generate cavitation bubbles to agitate a liquid, which is helping you scrub garments and detach all lines of contamination together with filth, oil, mud, grease, and pigments in a steady method.

Nival Ultra Portable Washing Machine

Additionally, you want to insert a Nival detergent pill in the chamber of your Nival earlier than washing your garments. The pill is pure-plant extracts, containing nano-grade energetic factor of decontamination. Simply inside of one minute, it may be dissolved and over excited through the water molecules. With lend a hand of the water waves, it may take away filth and kill 90% micro organism in 30 mins.


As well as, the moveable laundry can be used to scrub culmination, glasses and jewellery, and it may be powered through an influence financial institution with its built-in USB cable.


Worth and cargo date

The Nival has been to be had for preorder on Indiegogo. You’ll pledge $99 to preorder the moveable washer. It’s going to be shipped in April 2017.


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