Secret Codes v2.4 for Android

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Not too long ago I were given a Secret Codes (Secret code) cell. Whilst I am loving enjoying with it, I additionally discovered some attention-grabbing secret codes which will permit/disable numerous hidden settings within the cell phone. Those codes too can display many helpful details about the telephone. Use for maximum android telephone.
Logo: Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Oppo, Motorola, Lenovo, Apple, Generic, Different ….

Some producers no longer permit the usage of those codes they usually won’t paintings in your tool. By way of the usage of secret codes you’ll be able to trade some of your tool settings. Use at your personal chance

This data is meant for skilled customers. It isn’t supposed for elementary customers, hackers, or cell thieves. Please don’t take a look at any of following strategies in case you don’t seem to be acquainted with cellphones. We’re going to no longer be accountable for the use or misuse of this data, together with loss of information or injury. So use it at your personal chance.


– Strengthen android model 2.3
– Strengthen new emblem Lenovo
– Repair malicious program 

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