Snipaste Portable (32/64 bit) 1.10.1

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“If you’ve snipped your meant symbol, you’ll be able to edit it the use of quite a lot of gear provide at the backside proper nook of the snipped window. …you’ll be able to paste it any place at the desktop the use of key mixture Ctrl+W.” —[email protected], (Sep 1, 2016)

“Pasting works somewhat bit other than the default Home windows operation. As an alternative of pasting the contents of the clipboard at the lively window, Snipaste shows a prior to now copied symbol at the display. Recall to mind it as a preview of the picture at the display that you’ll be able to have interaction with. It helps a couple of assets together with photographs, undeniable textual content, HTML and quite a lot of others.” —reviewer, ghacks.internet (October 16, 2016)

“…Snipaste is configured to mechanically stumble on home windows and UI components. Sadly, it does no longer help you come with a couple of such components in one snapshot, as different identical programs do. However, you’ll be able to cling the press and drag the window to outline the realm to seize.” —Mihaela Teodorovici, (Oct 27, 2016)

Snipaste is a straightforward however tough snipping device, and in addition lets you pin the screenshot again onto the display.
   Snipaste is simple and intuitive to make use of, however there also are many hidden options that may make your lifestyles much more environment friendly. Learn the documentation if you have an interest.

Measurement: 24.4 MB (25,600,000 bytes) Packed Measurement: 7.56 MB (7,929,856 bytes)
MD5: 1C686ECE855F0A6018F2D309020C3418

Measurement: 29.5 MB (30,945,280 bytes) Packed Measurement: 8.98 MB (9,420,800 bytes)
MD5: 18DB7CFBF895827C33A824F5FB0A9564

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Measurement: 24.3 MB (25,530,368 bytes) Packed Measurement: 7.50 MB (7,864,320 bytes)
MD5: CFB340B97FFA499D9216EA5D321D2243


Not like ShareX, no .NET required. You’ll be able to safely convey this one out together with your thumbdrive… Despite the fact that all of us desire to make use of portables on Home windows, proper? πŸ™‚

New Get started up Function

Please learn the assist.htm concerning the new get started up characteristic.
Apart from for the XP liberate, the opposite releases have get started up characteristic that would possibly require administrator privilege. Learn the similar reputable FAQ segment about this.

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Encourage Snipaste building, apply them across the Internet!


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