Sony to add VoLTE support to Xperia X Concept shortly

xperia-x-concept-volteSony Cell is operating with operators to add VoLTE (voice over LTE) support for the Android Nougat Concept firmware for the Xperia X. The advantage of VoLTE is that calls must attach quicker and feature higher sound high quality too, there’s no want to transfer to a 2G/3G frequency to make a decision.

Then again, it’s slightly tricky to put in force the generation because it calls for each telephone and community support. Which means Sony will want to add support on an operator through operator foundation. The following Concept replace will come with VoLTE support for three of the biggest German cellular carriers together with Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica/02.

Sony will then glance to add UK and Spain after this. You’ll be to pay attention, that the three biggest markets for the Concept unencumber is Germany, UK and Scandinavia. That is in all probability the rationale to focal point at the German and UK markets for VoLTE first. We can stay you up to date as soon as the brand new VoLTE firmware begins to roll.


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