The Galaxy Note 7 display doesn’t scratch easily after all

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Scratch Test correction video JerryRigEverything

Remember that a couple of months again while Zack from YouTube torture check channel JerryRigEverything published an alarming video that appeared to display the Galaxy Note 7’s Gorilla Glass 5 display scratching a lot more easily than it will have to? Smartly, after a few months of additional research, the answer seems to in spite of everything be to hand.

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Because it seems, subject matter transference used to be the offender, however now not precisely in the best way Corning had expected. Once I spoke with Corning on the time, they steered what would possibly have came about used to be that the cushy subject matter of the pick out had transferred to the Note 7 display and that used to be what made it appear to be the glass had scratched.

In a brand new video overlaying his research into the ordinary outcome, Zack outlines how he found out that it used to be subject matter transference after all. However it wasn’t transference of the pick out subject matter onto the glass, as Corning had surmised, however of items of the pick out polishing block getting transferred onto the pick out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 scratch test correction sharpening block Mohs pick JerryRigEverything

In keeping with Zack, fragments of the so much more difficult polishing block had transform lodged in any case of the pick out, inadvertently making the end of the 3 pick out as arduous as an 8 on Mohs hardness scale. That is what had scratched the glass at the Note 7, now not the 3 pick out beneath.

After repeating the check with a recent set of Mohs selections, Zack found out what everybody had anticipated within the first position: the Galaxy Note 7’s display glass resists scratches till a 6 pick out used to be used.

After repeating the check, the Galaxy Note 7’s display glass resists scratches till a 6 pick out is used.

With this stated, it nonetheless beggars trust that within the first video, consecutive choices appeared to display more and more serious scratches, particularly once we’re speaking concerning the in the end random switch of items of the pick out polishing block onto the choices themselves. If the polishing block is an 8 on Mohs scale, then shouldn’t all of the scratches be of the similar depth?

It additionally turns out bizarre that we by no means noticed a identical end result within the 30-bizarre different scratch checks at the channel (I will be able to most effective think Zack has sharpened his selections on greater than one instance). Whilst I’m nonetheless now not definite we’ve noticed the whole tale in this one, on the very least the image is slightly clearer than it used to be.

Whether or not you purchase into the grand conspiracy theories surrounding the unique video (perspectives equals greenbacks and whatnot), it’s great to get an evidence from the manufacturer of the video correcting the in advance outcome. The correction video gained’t get picked up in the similar method as the unique used to be, for glaring purposes, however on the very least, props will have to accept to Zack for admitting he made a mistake.

Did you spot this one coming? Are you able to give an explanation for any of the unanswered questions?


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