The secret behind Netflix’s mysterious ratings system

marvel-iron-fist-netflix The secret behind Netflix’s mysterious ratings system iOS ^(

Netflix ratings aren’t as straight forward as they might otherwise appear. As a prime example, the first season of the Netflix original Iron First has largely been derided as the worst Netflix original ^( series to date. Many have been quick to call the series boring and tedious, with Vox going so far ^( as to categorize it as a “an ill-conceived, poorly written disaster.”

Curiously, though, when I hop on over to Iron Fist on my personal Netflix account, I see that the series has an impressive 5-star rating, joining an exclusive club populated with venerable classics like Breaking Bad and House of Cards. To be sure, what critics find interesting and engaging doesn’t always overlap with what viewers find entertaining. Still, the incongruity between the show’s 5-star rating and its 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes might leave some prospective viewers scratching their heads.

So what in the world is going on here?

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