This Nexus 6 Pixel parody reminds us that old phones can still rock

Whilst lots of us are becoming our justifiable share of hype from the release of Google’s new Pixel phones, one guy has helped remind us that even old phones can still % a punch.

YouTube consumer SuperiorSandbox ^( has simply launched a video just about just like Google’s legitimate “Introducing Pixel” business, with one key distinction: it highlights the Motorola Nexus 6.

Within the parody, Motorola’s flagship “whale” of a tool is highlighted in all of its glory (taken from the reliable nexus 6 business), spinning in sluggish movement identical to the up to date Pixel spot. This reminds us that Google assists in keeping an overly identical layout language for lots of of its product launches, and provides a horny comedic spin to how “new” each and every generation actually is. There are relatively a couple of options provide within the Nexus 6 which Google selected not to come with within the new tool, comparable to wi-fi charging and entrance dealing with audio system, and the video made positive to indicate those out.

The maker of the video additionally minimize his personal photographs of the Nexus 6 in, and the result’s completely hilarious. The top of the range reputable renders of the software jumbled together with the practical “to hand-cam” taste photographs is each unsuspected and comedic gold, and had slightly a couple of of us giggling out loud.

Check out the video above, and be sure to depart your personal feelings under. I’m still operating the Nexus 6 myself. Are you?