Trinity of Awesome PDFs live!

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As of this morning, the Trinity of Awesome PDFs that I funded by the use of Kickstarter are to be had on DriveThruRPG.  However they’re now not lumped in combination anymore (despite the fact that, I’m tempted to ultimately package them in combination as a print-on-call for softcover).

No, lately they stand on their very own two (three?) ft (or digital tentacles, perhaps).

“Slaves of Tsathoggua” is an eldritch fable situation ^( Red Dragon Slayer (each variations).  It additionally accommodates a few random tables that can be utilized in any myth RPG.

“A Inexperienced Jewel They Will have to Own” is an investigative horror situation ^( set within the Nineteen Seventies.  I made it with The Outer Presence in thoughts, however any self-respecting GM who appreciates Cthulhuism & Yog-Sothothery can simply convert the journey for his or her favourite device.

“Slippery While Rainy” is a situation ^( for the sleazy area opera RPG Alpha Blue.  This features a +MonkeyBlood Layout (Glynn Seal) ^( map of underwater vessel The Bearded Clam.

All those situations are brief and are available each a wealthy parchment colour with blood stains, Kort’thalis sigil echo, and disturbingly lurid tentacle veins, in addition to, a printer-pleasant black and white model.

The KS backers have theirs, now it’s your flip!


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