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“A neat thought applied superbly, however except your mates are already on Viber, chances are you’ll fight to justify attempting but every other VOiP provider.” —Nick Friends, kingdom (21 Jul 15)

“Viber is amazingly simple to make use of, means that you can upload favorites and it is a laugh. Customers can ship pictures, movies, emoticons and stickers to their middle’s content material. Most significantly, you’ll be able to name someone world wide free of charge, equipped your touch is the use of the provider.” —Molly Klinefelter, (June 5, 2013)

“I’m the use of viber for previous 6 months. it used to be great software. Within the cell web best, the sign wont get downside. at the moment its tricky to make use of.” —cmtech (a person), (February 12, 2014)

Viber for Home windows means that you can ship loose messages and make loose calls to different Viber customers, on any software and community, in any nation! Viber syncs your contacts, messages and phone historical past together with your cell software.

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MD5: 977C0D3435310595E7DC9A33D8892B82


It’s a must to set up Viber app (loose) ^( for your Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Home windows Telephone, Nokia or Bada gadgets to turn on Viber for your desktop.

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