WinMACSpoofer – Windows Tool For Spoofing The Mac Address

Windows software for spoofing the MAC deal with and host title.

The program should be run in “administrator mode” for the purposes to paintings correctly

  1. Set a brand new Random MAC deal with
    • Press the randomize button to generate a random MAC deal with
    • Click on the random radio button and hit “Set New Mac” to reset your MAC deal with to this new deal with
  2. Set the MAC deal with manually
    • To make use of a specifically decided on MAC deal with input the specified values within the textual content fields
    • CAUTION The 2d nibble can best be set with a price of (‘A’, ‘E’, ‘2’ or ‘6’)
    • e.g. xy-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx, y represents the second one nibble and should be represented via (‘A’, ‘E’, ‘2’ or ‘6’)
    • x can also be represented via any hexadecimal price
  3. Reset the MAC deal with
    • To revert the MAC adrress again to the community adapter’s authentic values press the “reset” button
  4. Trade Host Title
    • Input the specified host title and press “Trade Host Title”


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