Your LG G6 will scratch, just like every other glass phone

lg-g6-back-glass-black Your LG G6 will scratch, just like every other glass phone Android ^(

In spite of ‘reliability’ claims, the LG G6’s glass will certainly scratch like any other.

In a quite common transfer in these days’s telephones ^(, LG selected to head with glass at the again of its new G6 ^( for the primary time because the creation of the G collection again in 2012 ^( The use of glass at the again of a phone has a complete host of advantages, together with permitting radios to go thru it and permit wi-fi charging — all of the whilst, the glass manufactured for telephones these days is dramatically more difficult than the panes we noticed just a couple of years in the past.

However glass is not absolute best. It may possibly damage (with a better propensity than steel, which is softer), however the larger worry for most of the people is that the glass will certainly scratch — just like every other phone that has glass at the again.

lg-g6-white-black-backs Your LG G6 will scratch, just like every other glass phone Android ^(

When opting for a glass for the again of a phone, the two homes you wish to have — scratch resistance and shatter resistance — are antagonistic to one some other. In an try to make the glass more difficult and subsequently more difficult to scratch, you’re making the glass extra brittle and prone to cracking. If you’re making the glass softer and extra pliable in order that it may not damage with a drop, its floor will be so cushy that it will be riddled with scratches.

And as a substitute of going with the full-on nuclear possibility of the usage of an artificial sapphire (which isn’t indestructible, however will get rattling shut ^(, LG took a cast center floor of opting for Gorilla Glass 5. Corning, at all times aiming to beef up its glass choices, makes large claims every yr ^(

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 raises the bar for cover in opposition to drops upper than ever, surviving 1.6-meter drops onto tough surfaces as much as 80% of the time. Plus, even supposing it is our hardest quilt glass but, it nonetheless delivers the wear resistance, optical readability, and contact sensitivity Gorilla® Glass is legendary for.

Sure it raises the bar, however it’s not absolute best. Lets all take excessive care of our telephones, environment them down most effective on cushy surfaces or even the usage of a case every time we go away the home … however that is not how other people function. We take telephones out and in of wallet, baggage and handbags dozens of occasions an afternoon, we slide them on tables day by day and sure, we even drop them once in a while.

Glass comes with trade-offs, like the gradual and secure accumulation of imperfections.

The LG G6, with its completely flat again — even together with its twin cameras — is very more likely to be scratched because it scoots round on surfaces unencumbered. And bet what: it will get scratched! Only a few weeks into the usage of my LG G6 I’ve a cast handful of swirly scratches at the again. Now not instantly noticeable at a look (the fingerprints do a little camouflaging), however for sure there while you tilt it to the suitable mild — and if you see them, you will perpetually know that your glass has been tarnished.

When you put glass at the again of your phone ^(, it’ll include trade-offs: maximum particularly, the gradual and secure accumulation of imperfections on it. The one query is whether or not you’ll set up most effective lasting a few weeks earlier than the inevitable first scratch blemishes your pristine LG G6, and in case you are prepared to care for the gradual, inevitable deterioration of the glass over the couple of years you personal it.

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