A STM32 Tonewheel Organ With out A Unmarried Tonewheel

The one factor you may well be shocked to not in finding in [Laurent]’s stunning tonewheel organ build is any tonewheels at all.

Tonewheels had been an early solution to produce digital organ sounds: via spinning a toothed wheel at other frequencies and transcending the sign one manner or any other it was once imaginable to synthesize somewhat an array of sounds. We love to believe that they’re all nonetheless there in [Laruent]’s organ, albeit very tiny, however in fact that they’re being synthesized totally on an STM32 micro controller.

The construct itself is gorgeous and very skilled taking a look. We had been unaware that it was once imaginable to shop for keybeds for a customized synthesizer, however a style from FATAR sits on the heart of the display. There’s a MIDI encoder board and a Nucleo building board within, tied along side a customized PCB. The UI is an short-term encoder wheel and a show from Mikroelektronika.

You’ll see and listen to this gorgeous device within the video after the smash.