An influx of people thought ‘Apex Construct’ was ‘Apex Legends,’ developer finds it amusing

An influx of people thought 'Apex Construct' was 'Apex Legends,' developer finds it amusing screenshot

I always thought “Apex Legends” was far less interesting moniker than say, Titanfall, and apparently a large amount of people were so confused that they mistook it for something else.

Speaking on Reddit, a Fast Travel Games representative and developer for VR sci-fi archery simulator Apex Construct recently made it known that they obtained a “4000%” bump in sales from people who thought they were actually Apex Legends due to their similar logos ^( and names (Construct came first). How you mistake a $30 VR game for a free-to-play shooter I’ll never know, but Fast Travel Games explains that China is the main culprit. They claim that they’ve obtained a lot of negative user reviews from people in that region who feel scammed, despite launching nearly a year before Apex Legends was even revealed.

The developer finds it funny despite the fact that they’ll most likely seek a refund, but this story is a perfect example of why you should always do your due diligence before you buy something.

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