[01-28-19] – Loader RAML D3D Simple Menu v11.8 – Semi No Recoil, and many others. [SAFE FOR HIGH RANKS!]

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[RAML : DannyHAX VOICE TUTORIAL] How to Activate your Loader Instantly!

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Feedback naman kayo mga Lodi if Working

UNDETECTED AS OF December 7, 2019/Friday!

Information :

» Use Your Dummy Account First.
» I’m really not accountable in case your account were given – Banned, Suspended and many others.
» Use Left Mouse to permit or disable hack. Press Insert for cover/display menu.
» Use At Your Own Risk.

[If not Working Try to Install this Following Files]
“VC++ 2019 Runtime x86” ^(https://mega.nz/#!xcI3kaSZ!NYpQnRc2r-zzIRiQBqxYGM064Zfe0zSdF3JCqyy54VQ)
“VC++ Redis” ^(https://mega.nz/#!BFZB2QIb!4Nzy4yj4NA6LWWLLylqAT_plG2uiMO83p65HuWZXymA)
“DirectX 9, 10 and 11” ^(https://mega.nz/#F!YVYRQSAb!KR5txl5Phiostn_wUow_fg)


» Download the record
» Disable Any Antivirus Program.
» Run As Administrator the Loader
» Press Load and Skip Ad 2 occasions

»After your SKIP ADS, click on “Click Me [After your 2 SKIP ADS]”, After your click on, Click “OK” then wait!

» After your clicking, in case your Loader is “Successfully Loaded” way cross to CF now!

And Run the “CFLauncher” or “patcher_cf2”


Don’t Use Around 5pm to 9pm Daily to Avoid Disconnection Problem And Banned of your Account.
If gusto mo talaga mag-Cheat round 5pm to 9pm Use Dummy Account or Smiley First na lang para makasiguro if Detected na ba yung Cheat o hindi. If hindi Detected You can Use your Main Account.

If natagalan ka po about sa “Please Wait…” Please Download New Version na po tayo.

Change Log [12-08-18]

 Added :
No Bug Damage, Unlimited Bag, Semi No Recoil and Walk Through Wall [V]

[If No Menu, Try to Install “VC++ 2019 Runtime x86 ^(https://mega.nz/#!xcI3kaSZ!NYpQnRc2r-zzIRiQBqxYGM064Zfe0zSdF3JCqyy54VQ)” Install the .msi File then Run As Admistrator the Loader once more and Activate it, FEEDBACK ALSO hehe] /gewd

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>>>Click Here To Download ^(https://appmarsh.blogspot.com/2019/01/01-28-19-loader-raml-d3d-simple-menu.html)<<< NO SKIP ADS!!!