[03-13-18] – DannyMODS Public Hack v1.2

Crossfire PH [03-13-18] – DannyMODS Public Hack v1.2


Xenos Injector : http://agileurbia.com/HFuA ^(http://agileurbia.com/HFuA)
Obtain Hyperlink : http://linkshrink.web/7ZOyUb ^(http://appmarsh.com/7ZOyUb)

VirusTotal : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file-a…5ZTlkMmYxMzdlMzRmMGExNWE1ODA6MTUyMDk1NDk1NQ== ^(https://www.virustotal.com/#/file-analysis/ZjU4YzUwYTc4ODE5ZTlkMmYxMzdlMzRmMGExNWE1ODA6MTUyMDk1NDk1NQ==)

Press [F9] to Open/Disguise MENU!

Together with :

Fly Hack
Much less Balk

Xenos Injector Settings :

Obtain and Set up all .exe information [Para Gumana ang iyong Cheat] :

1. Window Check Mode : “Run as admin .bat dossier” then restart PC : http://agileurbia.com/HGrF ^(http://agileurbia.com/HGrF)
2. VC++ Redist 2005-2018 : http://agileurbia.com/HHKE ^(http://agileurbia.com/HHKE)
3. VC ++ Runtime 2018 : http://agileurbia.com/HH9s ^(http://agileurbia.com/HH9s)
4. DirectX 2009 : http://agileurbia.com/HGxD ^(http://agileurbia.com/HGxD)
5. DirectX 2018 : http://agileurbia.com/HGzv ^(http://agileurbia.com/HGzv)
6. DirectX 2018 : http://agileurbia.com/HHEc ^(http://agileurbia.com/HHEc)
7. Web Framework : http://agileurbia.com/HH2X ^(http://agileurbia.com/HH2X)
8. Web Framework 4.6 : http://agileurbia.com/HHsm ^(http://agileurbia.com/HHsm)
9. Web Framework 4.6.1 : http://agileurbia.com/HHxE ^(http://agileurbia.com/HHxE)
10. Visible Studio 2018 ( Simply Set up that | 2.9MB ) : http://linkshrink.web/7bOnQK ^(http://appmarsh.com/7bOnQK)

VC++ Reference :


Web Framework Reference :


For Complete Model [Just Contact Me] :https://www.fb.com/DannyMODSLSPC

Do not Disregard to Hit “Thank you” In case your Hack is Operating /gewd3/gewd3


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Author: Marshmallow

Marshmallow Android is BT Ireland’s Head of Sales for Republic of Ireland domestic multi-site companies, indigenous MNCs and public sector accounts. He is responsible for the direction and control of all sales activity in the region. He has over 10 years management experience from high growth start-ups to more established businesses. He’s led teams in Ireland, India and China across various industries (ICT, On-Line Recruitment, Corporate Training and International Education).

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