[12-06-18] – CFPHLoader RAML D3D Simple Menu v7.1 – Aimbot RMOUSE, ESP Bones

[12-05-18] – CFPHLoader RAML D3D Simple Menu v7.0 – Aimbot RMOUSE, ESP Bones
(Feedback na lang po kayo hehe)

[RAML : DannyHAX VOICE TUTORIAL] How to Activate your Loader Instantly!

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Feedback naman kayo mga Lodi if Working /gewd

UNDETECTED AS OF December 5, 2018/Wednesday!

Nagbabasa ka po? Don’t Forget to HIT “THANKS” naman hehe

Feedback naman kayo mga Lodi if Working


Information :

» Use Your Dummy Account First.
» I am not responsible if your account got – Banned, Suspended etc.
» Use Left Mouse to enable or disable mod. Press Insert for hide/show menu.
» Use At Your Own Risk.

[If not Working Try to Install this Following Files]
“VC++ 2018 Runtime x86” ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://mega.nz/#!xcI3kaSZ!NYpQnRc2r-zzIRiQBqxYGM064Zfe0zSdF3JCqyy54VQ)
“VC++ Redis” ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://mega.nz/#!BFZB2QIb!4Nzy4yj4NA6LWWLLylqAT_plG2uiMO83p65HuWZXymA)
“DirectX 9, 10 and 11” ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://mega.nz/#F!YVYRQSAb!KR5txl5Phiostn_wUow_fg)


» Download the file
» Disable Any Antivirus Program.
» Run As Administrator the Loader
» Press Load and Skip Ad 2 times

»After your SKIP ADS, click “Click Me [After your 2 SKIP ADS]”, After your click, Click “OK” then wait!

» Then Click the “Click Me [After your 2 SKIP ADS]” then Press “OK”

» After your clicking, if your Loader is “Successfully Loaded” means go to CF now!

And Run the “CFLauncher” or “patcher_cf2”

Change Log
  • Added Unlimited Bag for Simple Menu.
  • Added ESP Line and ESP Distance
  • Added Always Gold Headshot by Pressing [F] Shortcut
  • No need to Press INSERT then Turn ON the Always Gold Headshot [NO HASSLE!]
[If No Menu, Try to Install “VC++ 2018 Runtime x86 ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://mega.nz/#!xcI3kaSZ!NYpQnRc2r-zzIRiQBqxYGM064Zfe0zSdF3JCqyy54VQ)” Install the .msi File then Run As Admistrator the Loader again and Activate it, FEEDBACK ALSO hehe] /gewd
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@FirstPromise™ (Staff Admin)
>>>Click Here To Download ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://pinoygameaccounts.blogspot.com/2018/12/12-06-18-cfphloader-raml-d3d-simple.html)<<< NO SKIP ADS!!!

Author: Marshmallow

Marshmallow Android is BT Ireland’s Head of Sales for Republic of Ireland domestic multi-site companies, indigenous MNCs and public sector accounts. He is responsible for the direction and control of all sales activity in the region. He has over 10 years management experience from high growth start-ups to more established businesses. He’s led teams in Ireland, India and China across various industries (ICT, On-Line Recruitment, Corporate Training and International Education).