Check out this coaster calcuator built in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

Number crunching.

An enterprising soul has designed a calculator from rollercoasters the use of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2’s ingenious toolset. YouTube person Marcel Vos posted the above video demonstrating the calculator in motion, which makes use of a couple of trains operating alongside a labyrinthine observe setup to enter two numbers and output the ensuing calculation.
The video displays off three calculations carried out by means of the big coaster, multiplying 2 and 8, multiplying 7 and 7, and including 1 to 1.

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The observe association is mind-bogglingly sophisticated, together with large sections of it hidden underground. But the rules at the back of it are simple sufficient. The calculator is ready as much as carry out each multiplication and addition calculations, with tracks operating between each and every enter integer and all 200 imaginable output effects.
For each and every calculation, the observe will have to be set as much as ship the two trains towards the right kind enter numbers. One educate is distributed on a mazy direction underground, whilst the opposite is directed to a protracted series of hill-shaped tracks that it slowly rolls between. Eventually the primary educate collides with the second one educate, propelling over the right kind hill to the best output station. In impact, the entire machine is an enormous multiplication/addition desk attached by means of tracks.
In a submit on Imgur, Vos defined in element ^( how the calculator works when set as much as multiply 3 and 6. “Since 3 and 6 are the fourth and 7th go out, the trains will collide at the fourth row of hills and the 7th hill from the left. The blue and crimson tracks are for educate 1 and the yellow and orange tracks are for educate 2. Train 2 will spoil into educate 1 at top velocity and then educate 2 explodes, giving educate 1 sufficient velocity to make it over the hill.”
Speaking as somebody who struggles with elementary arithmetic at the most efficient of instances, this turns out like a amusing (albeit extremely inefficient) option to brush up on the ones multiplication tables. If you need to check out it your self, first you’ll wish to take hold of OpenRCT2 ^(, then obtain the calculator right here ^(
Here are a couple of extra pictures of the calculator’s fantastically ridiculous design.

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Cooperative alien-blaster Earthfall lands with a launch trailer

Boasts deployable fortifications and free post-release updates.

You wait ten years for a Left4Dead successor to come along, and then four swarm you from all sides within the space of a few months. We’ve already had the much-improved Vermintide II ^( earlier this year, while Deep Rock Galactic’s ^( Early Access adds a shade of space dwarf shenanigans to the structure defined by Valve’s co-op classic. There’s even GTFO ^( lurking in the shadows of Q4, quietly hoping to be the Aliens game that Colonial Marines certainly wasn’t.
Right now though, there’s Earthfall ^(, a high-intensity co-op shooter which switches out  shambling zombies for scuttling aliens. The game is set in the verdant forests of the Pacific Northwest, and sees players working together across ten missions of extraterrestrial-splattering action.

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There’s a little more to Earthfall than a straightforward run-and-gun, however. Players can deploy barricades and gun-turrets to establish defensive positions on the fly, while new weapons can be created via the use of 3D printers. The latter smacks of being a little gimmicky, but the idea of custom fortifications seems like a smart way to get players to work together.
There’s a launch trailer below which, frankly, doesn’t do the best job of selling the game. But if you’re up for some more cooperative gunplay, you can pick up Earthfall right now on Steam for £24 ^( Developers Holospark also have plans to support the game beyond launch, and those future updates won’t cost you nothing more than the time to play them.

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