A big, dumb Star Fox Zero and Guard retrospective: Two years later

A big, dumb Star Fox Zero and Guard retrospective: Two years later screenshot

[Zalno recounts the two years since Star Fox‘s apparent swan song on the Wii U released. People like me, who hold out unlikely hope for the regaled-but-troubled series to someday return in good form. Unlike how Zero panned out, which was rather unfortunate. Still, seeing as it was Star Fox’s last major entry, it’s worth revisiting the game so that we can hopefully look to the future of Star Fox. ~Marcel]

I originally planned to have this blog out last weekend, which would’ve been two years to the day Star Fox Zero was released in Japan. Unfortunately, I was a bit pre-occupied and missed the boat. Better late than never, I guess. Can you believe it’s been only two years since Star Fox Zero was released on the Wii U? Two years since the first entry in the much beloved Star Fox franchise in a decade was released. Two whole years since said game was met with a resounding “ehhhhhh” by fans and critics alike. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.


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