AGNi Kernel v13.6 29-11-2020 untuk Redmi Note 3 Pro


Kali ini admin akan membagikan kernel yang dibuild oleh psndna88@xda, mendukung ROM MIUI android 6.0 (Marshmallow) sampai 7.0 (Nougat; porting) dan ROM basis LOS/AOSP dari Nougat, Oreo hingga Pie.

Note by dev-:
• Support MIUI MM, MIUI Port N
• Support Non-Treble, Treble, GSI
• Support AOSP (Nougat, Oreo, Pie)

Kernel Features
General Improvements:

  • Built with custom UBERTC GCC 8.0.0 on Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Full -O3 enhanced optimizations with device and target flags, build improvements, etc
  • Removed a ton of debug and logging to improve performance
  • ARM64 enhanced performance and battery patches
  • CVE security patches, general upstream and CAF fixes – upstreamed to Linux 3.10.108 and added patches from CAF LA.BR.1.3.6 & Android 8 release LA.BR.1.3.7

CPU & GPU Improvements:

  • Interactive governor tuned to achieve maximum performance with best battery life by default
  • Several CPU Governors available – Interactive, Blu_Active, CAF active, Cultivation, Darkness, ElementalX, Chill, Bioshock, Despair, Relaxed, Ironactive, Wheatley, ALUcard
  • Slight OC, mild undervolt to reduce heat and improve stability and battery life
  • Input boost, touch boost, wakeup boost, hotplug boost available, all off by default
  • IntelliPlug, MSM hotplug and Lazyplug hotplugging available, all off by default
  • Adreno Idler and Adrenoboost available, all off by default
  • CPU and GPU Voltage control (optional)

Network improvements:

  • Implemented Wireguard VPN support usable with Azire VPN
  • Enhanced TCP methods – reno, htcp, highspeed, westwood+, CDG, Network and Wifi tweaks and updated drivers
  • Option to enable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channel bonding while installing => moved to AGNi Toolbox

I/O improvements:

  • Several I/O control tweaks, added schedulers (Zen, SIO, SIOplus, BFQ, CFQ, Maple, Tripndroid, Row, Deadline, V(R), No-OP [FIOPS is default]), tweaked and updated filesystems (EXT4, F2FS, ExFAT, NTFS & CIFS)
  • Adaptive LMK, LZ4 ZRAM available and on by default for better multitasking
  • ext4-lazytime mounting for /system, /data, /cache (improves filesystem performance)
  • UKSM while charging to optimize RAM use
  • Auto file caches drop on screen turn-off to clear unwanted stuff from RAM
  • Dynamic FileSync toggle on/off
  • Supports SDCARDFS, CIFS, exFAT
  • Disabled I/O CRC check for more performance

Screen Improvements:

  • sRGB and KCAL – Advanced color control for Qualcomm MDSS v2 (RGB calibration and post-processing features)
  • Backlight dimmer for lower minimum brightness
  • Wake gestures, dt2w, s2s and s2w for all panels

Sound improvements:

  • modify headphone processing for increased fidelity
  • modify speaker processing for clarity
  • allow 384KHz sampling rate for headphone
  • PDesireAudio ported to kenzo
  • Implemented flar2 sound control along with Franco sound control
  • Slimbus OC for better sound quality
  • Added a lot of audio enhancements (heaven for audiophiles)
  • Fixed earpiece & mic boost
  • Ported hybrid headphone jack driver from Sony 3.18 with CAF patches for faster detection
  • Headphone impedance detection
  • Headphone mic volume boost
  • Fix earphone Jack’s various problems

Battery improvements:

  • USB Fast Charge (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP on)
  • PDesire & Boeffla Wakelock blockers
  • Power efficient workqueues
  • Option to replace thermal blobs with old ones which may help to resolve slow charging issue while installing
  • Fast charging with maximum 2100mA safe limit with temperature control
  • Miscellaneous improvements:
  • Optimized hardware accelerated crc+crypto routines
  • Implemented lot of security fixes
  • Vibrator Strength tunable
  • Notification LED brightness options
  • Can use device as USB keyboard and mouse with the app by pelya
  • Option to select SElinux mode while installing
  • Compatibility with Magisk v14+ and SuperSU SR5
  • Compatible with Kernel Auditor and EX Kernel Manager
  • Spectrum app profiles support

AGNi improvements:

  • Custom Agni Control app for all your kernel control needs, has many useful CPU profiles and advanced options, available while installing
  • Custom Agni ScreenModes app which has various KCAL profiles to improve screen experience, available while installing
  • Works on all Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo ROMs

Kernel Special Features:

  • Based on caf/LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.6, LOS15.0 official sources with selectively picked mods/patches


  • replace zswap with LZ4 zram, 300mb zram for 3gb device & 200mb zram for 2gb device
  • kernel: restore zram to older state
  • AGNi Control: zram on/off controls instead of zswap
  • AGNi installer: enable thermal libs option for PIE
  • some security oriented changes in configs

Download Link
AGNi pureMIUI-MM/N (Khusus ROM MIUI )

OS Marshmallow:
OS Nougat:

AGNi pureLOS-N (Khusus Android Nougat Base LineageOS/AOSP)

AGNi pureLOS-O (Khusus Android Oreo Base LineageOS/AOSP)


Treble: AGNi_pureLOS-O_treble_v13.6_kenzo

AGNi purePIE (Khusus Android Pie Base LineageOS/AOSP)



Cara Pasang

  • Reboot ke TWRP recovery
  • Pilih install zip
  • Pilih Kernel yang sudah download
  • Reboot

            AGNi Toolbox


            – Menghapus FingerPrint Security+Data
            – Memeriksa dan memperbaiki ext4 filesystems di /system /data /cache
            – Menghapus Battery Stats Data
            – Menghapus Lock Screen Security


            – Menambahkan dukungan untuk mendeteksi fat32/exfat/ext4/ntfs dan memperbaiki otomatis kesalahan system,data,cache,sdcard,usb-otg (Jalankan dari penyimpanan internal untuk memindai filesystem sdcard eksternal)
            – Menambahkan pilihan untuk menghapus magisk v12 dan diatasnya (Harus memflash ulang boot.img asli)
            – Menambahkan pilihan untuk mengambil dump last_kmsg ke internal storage dari recovery untuk mendiagnosa bootloop.
            – Pembaruan updater binary dan script
            – Menambahkan pilihan 2.4GHz wifi channel bonding
            – Pembaruan magisk uninstaller codes

            – NEW!

            Old & Obsolete Tools

            AGNi ScreenModes AppBerfungsi untuk mengelola profil layar kcal
            Download: AGNi_ScreenModes.apk 

            GOODIX / CAMERA LIBS and CAMERA FC + FLASH FIXCAMERA LIBS untuk kenzo/kate: AGNi_CAM_LIBS_PROPREITARY_KENZO.zipblobs untuk sensor kamera:
            – ov16880_f16v01a
            – ov16880_omida05
            – s5k5e8_z5e8yab
            – s5k5e8_yx13
            – face detection extension blobs 


   (versi uji)
            – termasuk goodix hal dan libs
            – termasuk goodix wrapper lib yang memuat fpc atau goodix sesuai perangkat keras yang terdeteksi oleh kernel cmdline (diambil dari NOS)
            – patch boot.img untuk menambahkan dukungan goodix (berguna untuk ROM tanpa dukungan goodix)
            – menambahkan file sepolicy yang didukung untuk boot.img (membuat goodix berfungsi dengan enforcing selinux)


            Source Code:

            Source: AGNi pureMIUI | AGNi pureLOS | Telegram

            Published by Marshmallow

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