Airbnb, all you need to know before you book

We are very used to booking rooms in hotels through Booking, Trivago or Expedia, but you always hesitate before you book another type of accommodation such as Airbnb. Here we will tell you everything you need to know to solve your doubts and have a good experience on your next trip.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a website in which you’ll find departments, private or shared rooms in thousands of cities around the world. Its catalog exceeds 2 million accommodations in more than 200 countries, and currently offers also recommendations experiences and restaurants.

Airbnb has many advantages compared to hotels, starting with a lower price, and greater privacy. Before reserving an apartment or room, you’ll be able to view photos, services, facilities, and ask any questions you want to host, just as you would on Booking or Trivago.


On the other hand, if you prefer a accommodation in which to bring the food to the room, a menu of drinks, buttons, spa and breakfast buffet in the same accommodation, it might be best to book a hotel.

Now, before you make your reservation so safe and fun, you must take into account these aspects.

What type of accommodation you’re looking for?

The first thing that you will need to choose is which type of accommodation you want in your next journey, you have the following three options:


  • Home or entire department: it is the option that we all want. You will have at your disposal all the accommodation. It is the most expensive option of the three, but also the one that offers you them more privacy. Recommended for trips in family or in couple.
  • Private room: a room to yourself. Yes, you share the common areas with other travelers, and in some accommodations, you share the bathroom (varies at each accommodation).
  • Shared room: it is the most economical option and will allow you to meet and share with new people. Usually, they are bunk beds in hostels. Can be an interesting option in the world’s most expensive cities, such as Rome, Tokyo, or New York.

Other filters

In addition, you will need to indicate in the filters the number of guests, price range, as well as the dates of entry and exit.

Look at the pictures, and location services till you drop

In the profile of each accommodation, you will find many photos. You’ll also find a very detailed description of the services, you must always check:

  • Amount of beds.
  • If you have wifi, washing machine, hot water, TV, air conditioning, kitchen (remember, if you have a kitchen, you’ll save money from the restaurant.
  • If bathroom is private or shared.


Remember that the location is very important. The best locations have higher prices, but they can give you quick access to tourist attractions, restaurants, and points of interest. If you opt for an option that is not in a good location, make sure you have quick access to public transportation.

And if something is not clear, you can always send a private message to the host. It is forbidden to stay with the doubts before you book, so as not to check the rules of the house: are dogs allowed? can you make parties?

Looking for a good host

Airbnb was started in the year 2008, but that has not stopped growing and each day features new accommodations. We recommend you search for a host with experience and that will solve all your doubts before you make the booking.

Don’t forget to review the evaluations and comments of other customers before making the booking. If the accommodation does not have evaluations from other clients, the risk of a bad experience increases.


Get discounts

There are several ways to get discounts:

1. Sign up from this link to obtain at least a $25 discount: Airbnb. If you are already registered, you can register your partner or travel companion. Remember that the reservation must be for a higher amount than the $ 79 to get this discount.

2. If you are staying for more than 28 days, you’ll get the monthly discount. Tends to be a high percentage, even up to 40%. This discount appears automatically when you select the date of arrival and departure.

3. Sending a message to the host: if you are staying for several days, you can always send a message to the host asking for a small adjustment in the price.

Review the cancellation policy

At the time of booking, you need to make the payment. If you have any problems with your trip, you may lose some of your money, therefore you must review the cancellation policy in detail:

The flexible policies allow you to cancel and receive all your money back if it is cancelled up to 24 hours before you arrive.

Strict policies, will be refunded only 50% of the first night and cancel a week in advance.

Here is an example of a department in Barcelona:


Check out the facilities when you arrive and when you leave

Once you receive the apartment or room, remember to check that everything is in order, and not have a broken glass or a towel for the half. At the time of exit, alerts the host of your departure to review together the accommodations and verify that deliveries are all in order.

Let evaluations

And remember to support the community of travelers leaving your evaluation on the accommodation and host once you have completed your trip.

If you have any bad experience, you can also share it, and remember to take pictures in case you have to make a claim.

Finally, if you have any questions, leave us a comment that we are here to help.

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