Analysis of the Huawei P30 Pro: the mobile with best camera on the market

Huawei continues to surprise the world. The quality of chinese mobiles is increasingly important in a market in which the high range is presented as the key piece to the rest of the devices. Today we are talking about Huawei P30 Pro, a terminal that we were able to test thoroughly for several days and has become one of the devices to be more complete today. The photographic system is shown as the most prominent feature of a smartphone that arrives with novelties in the design section and with a performance similar to those of the Mate 20 but with that extra photo that makes him different.

More or less we knew what we were going to find the past, march 26, in the event that Huawei had been prepared in Paris. Influencers apart, all accredited in the act we were waiting for get our hands on the new Huawei P30 Pro to unravel each and every one of his qualities and some of its possible faults. However, and no more out of the presentation, we were not able to hold out any longer and decided to try the trait that most defines a new set P30: the camera. At that time we realized that the results obtained were not normal, as a photo in which she appreciated Paris as a city simplistic with the Eiffel Tower far off (at least for the short sighted), became in an instant quite attractive with just the push of a button. The zoom-in hybrid 10x has a power of “addiction” out of the ordinary, and the gallery of all those present there could account for it.

The Huawei P30 Pro is already a reality and show it to the world as the smartphone with the best camera on the market. A device very well balanced in that everything is merged under EMUI 9.1 and that may be drawn with some drawbacks in certain sections. The exception makes the rule, and it is clear that it is difficult to get any other “error” a device of these characteristics. Below, we tell you all the good and the bad of this terminal, the fault most common and the qualities to keep in mind so that you can get to know each and every one of the details of the new Huawei P30 Pro.

An attractive design with some variations featured

The aesthetic lines of Huawei to be found by each one of the components of the Huawei P30 Pro. We find ourselves with a design really attractive in the that it is clear that what we have in our hands is a device of premium range. We talk about a body made of glass and metal in which the rounded edges and the reduction of the frames upper and lower generate use brutal of the screen. At a general level, the P30 Pro is a beautiful terminal that meets all the standards of the company carried a higher level.

We are not strong supporters of the screens are curved, but it is clear that from Huawei have managed to take the key with the P30 Pro. The side edges draw curves with which the chinese company wants to bring that touch of premium to a device that is really slippery in the hand that a nice cover would not come nothing wrong. On the side we can highlight the presence of some metal frames with a mat tone , in which are located the volume buttons and on/off. This last, includes a small detail in coloro red that served to add that touch differential that tend to win more fans of the aesthetics.

Although if you look at the bottom, miss a headphone connector that has been replaced, as usual, by the USB type-C. not to mention the presence of the compartment, Dual SIM that leaves the left side with the purpose of not breaking the global aesthetic designed by Huawei. On the top edge highlights the incorporation of an infrared sensor that will allow, for example, to use the device as a remote control.

In general, the terminal is well balanced and has a total weight of 192 grams. A smartphone that is not at all lightweight and about the limits to be considered a device heavy, although it is not a trait that you stop noticing. In the rear we find one of the most identification of this type of smartphones: the camera. Without a doubt, the most prominent element of the Huawei P30 Pro that we’ve been really surprised at the level of performance and that, as we said earlier, it is completely “addictive”. Yes, what we cannot find anywhere is the fingerprint reader rear, a safety element that is located under the front screen and that, by the way, it works much better than the Matte 20.

The module of triple camera stands out in a rear-bright in the glass is framed as the material the protagonist, and where there is also space for the TOF sensor and a small LED flash located just millimeters to the right. Everything is unified and the screen LEICA provides that distinctive touch that Huawei wants to point the quality of your photographic system. Although another of the most important changes we found in a front part where the notch in the form of a drop is shown to the world, in our opinion, as the notch more comfortable and utilitarian. Nothing notch kilometre, holes in screen or physical buttons located on the bottom. A set of skins that allow you to Huawei P30 Pro to take advantage of a large percentage of the screen compared to older models.

The thickness is not very different from that of the P20 Pro. In the beginning, and after confirming the integration of a battery of 4,200 mAh, everything seemed to indicate that it would increase much in size. However, from Huawei can be proud of this section. Yes, there always has to be aspect sacrificed and, in this case, is the weight. In another order of things, we touched the device black in spite of all the degraded eye-catching that had been prepared by the company. We speak of the terminal most discreet of the range, however, is one that we like with the exception of the model red lava or white pearl. What is clear is the mobile black are more elegant and suitable for the day-to-day.

In general, The Huawei P30 Pro is a terminal that follows a line of continuity in which you can appreciate the glimpses of the original brand. A device relatively compact in the stresses that the module photo above of the rest of the items and where the removal of the finger sensor rear and the headset Jack are shown as two of the highlights. Not to mention a few rounded edges with which the chinese company wants to differentiate this model from the standard terminal. We can also highlight a range of colors adapted to all audiences in which we can see the influences of the asian culture.

A screen quality that reaches a fair resolution

The Huawei P30 Pro comes to the market with one of the best screens currently on the that the resolution is at the limit of the high range. We speak of a front panel with rounded edges in which the OLED technology is shown as the real protagonist of a screen perfectly calibrated. As it comes being usual in the mark, the panel on the P30 Pro offers a great amount of customizable options in the section of color, and temperature so that each user can decide to your taste. In general, we speak of a screen that includes a certain continuity with respect to the previous models, but with some important changes that make it unique in the world.

We find ourselves with a Full HD resolution+ ((2.340 x 1,080) that is shown as the limit of the devices of this type. A strategy that Huawei continues to maintain in its high-end and also allows you to save a significant percentage of battery to the device. However, if you look at the price, it is clear that the chinese company should have opted for a higher resolution to match the screen with the maximum of its competitors. Although in our case we have always kept enabled the option of intelligent resolution.

In terms of dimensions, Huawei P30 Pro increases the size of your screen until 6,47 inches with a ratio of the panel 19.5:9 and a pixel density of 399 ppi. A significant increase if we consider that the P20 Pro only reached the 6.1-inch. This increased size allows a greater capacity to use the panel, but increases the dose of discomfort of a device that, on some occasions, it is a little large and heavy.

At first glance, the images are quite sharp in a panel in which the contrast of colors is not affected by the different angles of vision. The brightness is another of the strong points and, although we do not have the exact data in nits, we can ensure that the screen acquires the display correctly in the most situations, even in situations with excessive sunlight. Curiously, the Huawei P30 Pro continues to offer some of the gestures typical of the company as the capture and recording of the screen by means of the touch of knuckles. Also, the notch in the form of a drop of water, very well used, it may disappear with a simple adjustment. The problem is that you lose too much usable space from the screen although, yes, it takes advantage of that space for notifications.

The integration of the gestures is another one of the sections featured a screen that allows you to perform numerous actions with quite simplicity. To do this, you must remove the usual buttons of Huawei to proceed to a small bar from which you can control the entire terminal. But, without a doubt, one of the greatest curiosities that includes this device has as much to do with the screen as the sound. The Huawei P30 Pro substitutes the typical capsule in which is located the speaker calls for a system that affects the whole of the front panel. This terminal uses the screen to generate vibrations that transmit the sound, a truly innovative that allows you to end up with the headset usual without there being any kind of dissection in the front camera.

In general, the Huawei P30 Pro has a screen exquisite in that the notch in the form of a drop of water is a hit and where the technology of sound is shown as one of the most remarkable features. A panel with a high capacity of customization thanks to EMUI where we may require a higher level of resolution due to the high price of the device.

Performance of high-end with a processor 2020, and a bit more RAM

Huawei has decided to keep the Kirin 980 as pass power to a P30 Pro-we expected a little more. It is clear that this device can with all kinds of applications without any kind of problem, but it always requires a little bit more to a mobile premium, as it is shown to the world as a carbon copy of the Matt 20 level of performance with some aspects enhanced. This strategy does not indicate that P30 Pro is not able to convert on one of the terminals more powerful today, a terminal is really fluid in which the RAM has gone from 6 to 8 GB.

Yes, if you compare the latest model of the Kirin with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or the Exynos 9820 of the Galaxy S10, the balance falls on the side of the last chipset for small differences. It is at this point that we can draw any downside of this device, because instead of risking it with a new processor, has decided to opt for the same kernel that’s included in the latest premium range of the brand.

That said, the Kirin 980 is a great processor that runs at a frequency of 2.26 GHz, and that contributes to the P30 Pro exactly what you need a high-end of today: fluidity and performance. Games like Asphalt 9, the PUBG or Fortnite will enjoy with no problem in a terminal in which there is not displayed any lag and where the presence of the technology GPU Turbo dedicated especially to get the best game experience and lower the temperature of the device. Thanks to this plus, the majority of compatible titles not drop below 60 FPS. Sin forget a minimum storage of 128 GB which can reach up to 512 GB and can even be extended with the new cards NM Card from Huawei. A system that does not just convince the users and forces those who want to expand their memory to spend large amounts of money on these components.

Regular Software with EMUI 9.1 as a base

The maximum exponent of the customization reaches the Huawei P30 Pro via EMUI 9.1. The last update of the layer is made for users who want to take your experience of the Android pure. EMUI offers a lot of options that extend a range really big in which ever there are more points to choose from. All of this with Android 9 Foot as the basis of the operating system and including all the current trends at the level of software.

In the first place, we have encountered a navigation quite intuitive and can be configured to the liking of the user where there are a lot of apps of their own that never get used. You can even customize the overall appearance of the device by means of numerous themes and wallpapers with which you can completely change the aesthetics of the internal terminal. The virtual assistant is another of the highlights, and the incorporation of the functionality HiTouch with which they can purchase products with just using the camera.

Another aspect that has surprised us is in the integration of a dark mode, instead of being on the (screen, is located in the battery settings. Specifically, we speak of the function “Darken the colors of the interface” with which the whole acquires dark tones giving an attractive aesthetic to the software. Also, it is shown that the dark mode saves battery life and serves to increase the autonomy, especially in terminals that use OLED screen. In general, the performance of the layer we have not been disappointed at all. Everything works quite well and there is no trace of any kind of lag or stalling. What is clear is that iran getting more updates that will incorporate improvements and interesting new features.

Hello, a reader of fingerprints on the screen faster, and goodbye to the facial recognition 3D

It is clear that the sensors of fingerprints on the screen are in full testing phase. The big brands have already built-in to their terminals, a technology that still is not ready to deliver such good results as that may generate a sensor conventional. However, we have to say that the reader of the Huawei P30 has much improved over the previous models. Indeed, we believe that it can be placed as one of the best readers of the present above those included in the OnePlus 6T or the Xiaomi Mi 9, and well matched with the ultrasonic sensor of the Galaxy S10. However, this is not to say that works to the thousand wonders, because, in many cases, it is necessary to place your finger several times on the screen. Even so, nothing is faster than a fingerprint reader on the rear. At least for now.

Another aspect that changes with respect to the Huawei P20 Pro lies in the elimination of facial recognition 3D. The reduction of the notch has prevented the introduction of a system that has been replaced by a much more simple which based its operation in the front camera of the terminal. Yes, the safety of this type of systems is significantly reduced and the facial identification is greatly complicated in conditions in which there is not enough light.

A very versatile camera with the plus of 10x optical zoom

We have reviewed each and every one of the important points of the Huawei P30 Pro and it has seemed to us a device great level of performance and design. However, there is always a point at which often point to all the high-end, a section that overlaps with the rest that becomes the new terminal of Huawei as a smartphone only. Yes, we talk about the camera. The photographic system of the P30 Pro can be defined as the most complete of the currently, a mechanism made in collaboration with LEICA , which is responsible for generating those doses of “addiction” we talked about at the beginning of the analysis. Yes, not everything can be perfect, and we managed to take some (tiny) points “weak” of a camera that hits the market to destroy the competition. So are the cameras of the Huawei P30 Pro:

  • Sensor of 40 megapixels, with aperture f/1.6, and optical image stabilization based on the lens SuperSpectrum.
  • Sensor of 20-megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with aperture f/2.2 lens and 16 mm
  • Sensor telephoto lens of 8-megapixel in format periscópico with optical zoom of 5x, a zoom-in hybrid 10x and a digital one 50x. A lens of 125 mm aperture f/3.4 that also includes optical image stabilisation.
  • Sensor TOF (Time of Flight) dedicated expressly to enhance the depth of the photographs.

The arrival of the P20 Pro to the market was shown to the world as one of the real revolutions to level of photography. The previous high-end Huawei is still one of the best options as far as camera is concerned, however, the chinese company has decided to reinvent itself with a P30 Pro that comes with major changes. In the first place, the chinese company has decided to include a “lens” over your composition. The TOF sensor is clear of the module type semaphore to be located a few millimeters more to the right accompanied by the LED flash. There is also an increase of megapixels in a trio of lenses main in the presence of the sensor telephoto lens that takes on a distinctive aesthetic in the shape of a square.

Although if we talk about differences, the section that stands out the most in the camera of the P30 Pro in addition to the optical zoom lies in the change of RGB (red-green-blue) to RYYB (red-yellow-blue). Huawei has decided to end the traditional way by replacing the shades of green for the yellow with a single purpose: to capture the maximum of light possible. Also, adds an ability to ISO that reaches a maximum of 409.600, without doubt, the perfect union to make the best photos in low light. Here is where enters the scene, a significant improvement of part of the Artificial Intelligence and the integration of numerous modes and effects that make up an app from the camera really versatile.

The options are almost unlimited and the HDR mode+ get some great results in the you can see some touches too artificial. This is one of the only drawbacks that we can pull the camera from the P30 Pro. We speak of a tendency to overstate the reality that can be seen, above all, in the night mode. Not to mention the extra help in the post process that perhaps takes too long to manage the photographs. Yes, the results obtained after this system are truly amazing.

The camera application is very similar to the one we have seen in previous models, a tool that is very intuitive where you are not seen as important developments. In this section, we believe that Huawei should be located in the HDR mode of a more direct way, as it is placed back on the tab “More” of the application. In this section we can find other modes such as panorama, slow-motion, the supermacro or the monochrome.

A photographic experience amazing

Use the camera of the Huawei P30 Pro can become a habit completely addictive. During the time we have been able to have the terminal (less than expected) we were able to perform a multitude of photographs that capture the moment can be defined as a genuine enjoyment. A camera that recalls that of the P20 Pro, but in the seen some significant improvements including the 5x optical zoom is shown as the most important aspect. This is what we mean by that:

The optical zoom of the P30 Pro you can get some impressive results in good light conditions. A functionality can even be extended by up to 50x zoom digital form, with no limits longitudinal. Up to 10 increases the pictures usually come out pretty sharp, thanks to the action of the Artificial Intelligence and the post-processing, however, as we go up the number everything becomes much more blurred. In reality, it is quite logical, and even so, you can get photographs quite correct when you reach ranks with 20x or 30x. Although the best results usually come with the 5x optical zoom.

The mode ultra-wide-angle is not far behind in terms of image quality. With a single touch you can enlarge the picture up to an angle quite wide you can get pictures like this:

It is clear that you can see some deformations and tiny deficiencies in regard to the colour and contrast in an image that seems taken by a professional dslr camera. Although we take a little less for a major investment in the detail when taking photographs with a good light. The first planes are quite correct, but to expand to photographs of landscapes, the result is not the same.

A night mode that impresses

When the CEO of Huawei was the comparisons between some models and others we could not believe what we were seeing. The strategy of attacking the competition is a classic among the big brands, but it all seemed to impostado. At least so we thought, until we tried it. The new conversion of color used by the P30 Pro attached to a good job with the ISO , have managed to generate a few amazing results. In a few words: the P30 Pro brings light where there is none.

Take a stroll through Paris at two in the night to be able to photograph Notre Dame and find the cathedral with the lights off we chafó quite the plans. Then we remember that we had the P30 Pro, and the impression among the companions were all similar.

Remember that the cathedral was completely turned off and there was a lot more than the famous outline of the building. This kind of surprises are the ones that have become the P30 Pro on the mobile phone with the best night market with the exception of the Pixel. The definition of the images is superb, although often sin of a high dose of artificiality in some specific cases, as can be seen in the gallery. Some results obtained by a capture system which, in our opinion, still takes too long to take the picture, even though it has reduced the time.


As we talk about the camera’s features, can mention also a portrait mode that can identify the faces of human beings. It is a function that can only be used if the software recognizes that what we have before us is the face of a person. [email protected], usually get it right.

Front camera right, good sound and video as a point less good

The sensor at the front of the Huawei P30 Pro has a resolution of 32 megapixels, a camera that gets acceptable results in good lighting conditions. Yes, the colors are not what expected and the sharpness of the photographs is lost as the light conditions are more reduced. The portrait mode is activated automatically when you select the front-facing camera and has a mode beauty built-in and of itself that brings a touch artificial to the photographs.

In the section of video, the improvement is evident with respect to the previous models. We talk about a very versatile, quality 4K where they note the work done with the stabilization AIS (Artificial Intelligence Stabilization) and the sharpness. In addition, it is observed a good result with the optical zoom in good light conditions, at night is not very advisable to use it because it generates a large amount of noise.

The sound has surprised us quite a bit, since the last terminals of Huawei had not paid much attention to a paragraph which is becoming more and more important for users. We find with a crystal clear sound with acceptable quality and a volume that goes up a few ranks quite high (112 decibels). As a curiosity, it is worth noting the presence of the new sound technology on the screen that we were talking about earlier, and the removal of the headset Jack as a negative point.

Improvements in the battery with a quick charge brutal

The Huawei P30 Pro comes to the market with a battery of 4200 mAh that, in addition to making the device thicker, you get a great results in the section of autonomy. We talk about ranges that are located between the day and the day and a half of use with an average that exceeds the nine hours on the screen, which is a step forward compared to the Matte 20 Pro. The new terminal of Huawei can be considered as one of those terminals that you can carry to any place without having to be worried about the charger. Yes, the battery is one of its strong points.


However, the length of the device at full operation is not the data most outstanding of the section of autonomy. In this case we refer to a super-fast charging of 40W that you get to charge the device in a seen and not seen. Doing tests, we have been able to determine that the P30 Pro reached 100% battery with just over an hour connected to the mains. Is more, the percentage rises to over 70% in less than 30 minutes. In addition, the activation of the dark mode, even though it is not well located, you can lengthen the battery life up to 11 hours on screen as we can see in the screenshots.

Our opinion on the Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 Pro is one such mobile that costs fall. When we were in Paris, we already knew more or less what we would find, but when you try it you realize that there are not many terminals that get a call today. The new high-end chinese, you can generate that “addiction” that we were talking about at the beginning thanks to a photographic system that is framed as the true source point of the terminal. All this, accompanied by a performance very correct that they generate a all-in-one that has everything you need to succeed in the marketplace.

The 10x optical zoom and night mode are displayed as one of the most important aspects of a P30 Pro with the that like to take pictures. Not to mention a battery that holds you away without many problems and that can last more than a day and a half to full operation. It also highlights the introduction of new features such as dark Mode, the design and a quick load spectacular also stand out as some of the most impressive of a terminal that does not lack anything

However, not everything can be perfect in this world. The Huawei P30 Pro also has some shortcomings that, regardless of how small, to bring to light. Especially if we remember that this device raises its price to almost 1,000 euros. First, we look at a design with which it is obligatory to buy a good holster, because, although it is quite attractive, it slides too much. But perhaps the worst aspect lies in the support of the Kirin 980 and the obligation to purchase cards NM Card if we want to expand the memory of your smartphone. Without leaving aside the presence of EMUI as a layer of customization and a fingerprint reader on the screen that improves but is not yet at the level of the sensors in the rear.

The Huawei P30 Pro is a mobile phone that has so much versatility and qualities that their deficiencies are entirely banished into oblivion. Everything can be improved, but the chinese company has managed to create a device in which the possibilities are almost endless. Without a doubt, a mobile expensive enough that you’ll forget the price in terms of passes a few days at his side.

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