Analyst Expects iPhone Sales To Drop In 2020

From what we’re hearing, it certainly seems like Apple’s new iPhones aren’t selling as well as the company would like, and also based on surveys, it seems that not many people are as interested anymore in buying a new iPhone. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that 2020’s iPhones might continue doing “badly”.

This is based on Nomura analyst Anne Lee’s predictions where according to Lee, she predicts that Apple will see a decline in iPhone sales in 2020 where shipments are expected to drop down to 204 million units, versus the 213 million units shipped in 2020. This is expected to continue declining into 2020 where that number could drop further to 200 million.

Of course there’s no way to guarantee that those numbers are accurate or that they will come to pass, but seeing the trend in recent years, we suppose it’s not that hard to imagine it coming true. Lee claims that part of the reason for the slump in the coming years is because Apple is expected to stick to the current design of the iPhone, which has the possibility of coming across as “boring”.

Given the rise in Chinese smartphone OEMs who are offering powerful handsets at considerably low prices, and with iPhones increasing in price where they are priced above the $1,000 mark, it’s not surprising that less and less consumers are interested in purchasing an iPhone these days.

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