Android Q’s Developer Preview Could Be Released Soon

From what we know about Google’s release habits, they typically release a developer preview for Android early in the year. This will later be followed by an official announcement at Google I/O where they detail some of the features and changes we can expect, and then a full release in the later part of the year.

Given that we’re now towards the end of Q1 2020, it stands to believe that we could be approaching the release of the developer preview. In fact in a tweet by XDA Developers’ editor-in-chief, Mishaal Rahman, the bug tracker for Android Q has already been opened which suggests that the release of the developer preview could be close at hand.

The bug tracker is where developers can submit bugs that they have discovered and keep track of which are being worked on. This would make sense for software that has been released (or is about to be released), hence the speculation. There is also a link to check for existing bug filters with the date created after March 11th, suggesting that the launch could be close at hand.

XDA Developers had actually managed to get their hands on an early build of the operating system where they have dissected its contents. This has led to revelations such as a desktop mode, a system-wide dark mode, and also improved privacy tools.

Android Q’s Developer Preview Could Be Released Soon

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