Any decent Tech 2 clone to unlock stock head unit?

Looking for a decent Tech II of a few type for unlocking a radio
Cost: Dealership will do it for $135, which isn’t unhealthy too me in comparison to what i’ve noticed others pay.
Tip and information:
If your going to wrench at the automobile, then select up a Tech II clone; since your going to want one for even easy such things as while you pass to flush the brake strains (cycle the ABS pump) or want to pull frame codes that an ordinary scanner won’t pull.…l-package.html
That hyperlink at $229 is a excellent deal. I believed they had been extra just like the hyperlink underneath that one generally, nearer to $300. I stay a watch out within the classifieds right here however they all the time pass in no time
Here is how to unlock the radio with the clone Tech II
You want to to find both a broker or an impartial store that has a TECH II to “unlock” your nav unit. The GM radios are VIN particular, so the unlock procedure comes to clearing the outdated VIN # from the nav unit, and permitting it to settle for your VIN #. As I mentioned, this will also be carried out through any individual who has get admission to to a TECH II. All GM sellers must have them, and in the event that they inform you they may be able to’t unlock the radio, they aren’t telling you the reality. I went to my native Chevrolet broker after I put in the nav unit in my 08 base. It’s a couple of 5 minute process, however they charged me a 1 hour minimal exertions $130.
I copied the how to proven underneath from a fellow discussion board member.
Here is how to use the TECH II to put the Nav unit into relearn mode:
Connect TECH II to automobile and put the automobile into acc. mode
At the primary display, choose diagnostics
At programs variety menu display, choose frame
At the VIN indent display choose
Appropriate style
Appropriate air con
Nav radio
At the frame display, choose Nav radio
At the radio display, choose particular purposes
At the particular purposes display, choose VIN relearn
At the VIN relearn display, the scan device will show, “do you wish to have to transparent the radio robbery
To start clearing, press the cushy contact key at the most sensible proper of the scan device. The TECH II will show “clearing robbery in growth”
Once carried out, press go out at the TECH II and cycle the ignition
It’s carried out and the Nav unit will now marry to your automobile.
If the radio is solely in lock mode from it being in any other vet first, then it only a mater of clearing the radio from it being married to any other automobile’s BCM, then while you get started the automobile, it is going to pair to sign up it to the BCM for your automobile.
As for the will not be ready to, it simply will depend on the broker, since some will desire a invoice of sale for the outdated Vet proprietor of the radio to examine that it now not a stolen unit that they’re marring to any other automobile as an alternative.
As for if this OEM radio has all the time been within the automobile, and went into lock mode, then there’s a downside at the GM land bus or the radio itself this is inflicting the issue, and simply clearing the outdated marriage so it could actually remarry to the automobile, won’t repair the issue as an alternative.

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