Apple Arcade Game Subscription Service Officially Announced

It was rumored last week that Apple could be looking to launch a new gaming subscription service. Turns out the rumors were true because Apple has since officially announced Apple Arcade, the company’s latest attempts on gaming where for a fixed price every month, gamers will be able to access a library of games.

According to Apple, this library of games won’t just be a collection of games that already exists. Instead the company is expected to handpick the games that will go into Apple Arcade, and where Apple is also said to be helping foot some of the costs of development, although exactly how much they’ll be contributing is unclear.

The goal is to populate the service with new and exclusive games to Apple’s platforms, giving developers and gamers an incentive to purchase and use Apple’s products. This also seems to be in line with Apple’s goal of creating more subscription-based services, and it could also work out for developers as well.

This is because it is more or less guaranteed that every month they will be getting some kind of income, versus the current model where if gamers don’t buy the game, they won’t get money. There is no word on how much Apple Arcade will cost, but it is expected to launch in the fall of 2020 in more than 150 countries. It will also be playable on iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices.

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