Apple Pushing iPhone XS and iPhone XR to Upgrade Program Members to Upgrade

Apple has sent out a notification to existing iPhone Upgrade Program members who have the Apple ^( Store app installed about upgrading to the iPhone XS ^( or iPhone XR ^( for cheap.

The push notification is kind of click bait as well as it says that “Your New iPhone is Ready.” This is not the first time that Apple has used one of its apps to send a notification to millions of iPhone users about one of its product. It has previously used the Tips app to send out notifications about the upcoming release of iOS 12. Ironically, this notification from Apple breaks one of its own App Store guidelines as pointed out in the tweet.

Aren’t advertising notifications like this against App Review guidelines? I’m thinking it’s section 4.5.3 which clearly states “Do not use Apple Services to spam, phish, or send unsolicited messages to customers, including Game Center, Push Notifications, etc.” ^(

— Steve Lederer 🤔 (@stevieled5) December 7, 2018

The company has launched aggressive trade-in offers for the handsets which it is heavily promoting on its website as well. Up until earlier this week, Apple was heavily promoting the iPhone XR trade-in program which allowed one to get the device for as low as $449 on its website up until earlier this week. Now, the company is also promoting the iPhone XS trade-in program which allows one to get the device for as low as $699.

For Apple to heavily promote the iPhone XS and iPhone XR trade-in programs like this on its website, it is clear that the devices are not selling as well as the company had expected them to. And so, in a bid to spur their sales, it has had to launch aggressive trade-in programs and promote them heavily.

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