Are you a bad enough dude to pay $10 for DragonNinja on Switch?

Are you a bad enough dude to pay $10 for DragonNinja on Switch? screenshot

Information East’s Unhealthy Dudes vs. DragonNinja, (or as everybody in fact referred to as it, DragonNinja) used to be a brawler that hit the arcades again in 1988, prior to being ported to each house laptop below the solar. Now it’ll see its true calling, because it heads to Nintendo Transfer subsequent week.

The sport stars two vigilantes, who, as we’re knowledgeable within the recreation’s iconic intro, are referred to as upon to rescue President Ronnie, who has been abducted via ninjas. The intro ends with video gaming’s largest ever call-to-arms: “Are you a nasty sufficient dude to rescue President Ronnie?”

It cannot be denied that the sport has a deserved position within the annals of gaming historical past, what with its overdue ’80s aesthetic, hilarious setup, and “Vigilantes as opposed to Punks” theme, which used to be used forever, for nearly each brawler launched within the glory days of the ’80s arcade.

However in truth, DragonNinja is not a super recreation, it is clunky and lacks the slickness of identical titles similar to Sega’s Shinobi. Despite the fact that it does have a super roster of cool, fire-spitting, star-throwing enemies, like a large number of Information East’s classics, the reminiscence is healthier than the truth.

However for the ones of you who will have overlooked it the primary time round, or for whom nostalgia trumps high quality, then Unhealthy Dudes vs. DragonNinja launches at the North American Transfer eShop on March 21, priced at $10.

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