Arlo’s New Security Lights Will Help Deter Would-Be Intruders

The darkness afforded by the night is sometimes what gives thieves and robbers a sense of security and confidence in that because it makes them harder to be seen, it makes committing crime a bit easier. Now if you live on a street that doesn’t have sufficient lighting or if you’re just looking to better protect your home, Netgear’s Arlo has unveiled new a security light system ^(

These security lights will work in tangent with Arlo’s security cameras ^(, where if it detects that there is movement, it will turn itself and the cameras on to begin the recording process. Users will also be able to set different colored lights or make it flash so that anyone nearby might know that something’s going on, or it could be potentially used to scare off would-be intruders.

The best part about these lights is that they will play nicely with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, so if you have an Echo device at home you will be able to control them remotely using voice commands. They are also wire-free and run on battery, meaning that you will be able to position them anywhere you want and not worry about how to wire it up.

In terms of pricing, the security lights do not come cheap. A single light kit will be priced at $150, while two- and three- packs will go for $250 and $350 respectively. More details can be found on Arlo’s website ^(

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