badKarma – Sophisticated Neighborhood Reconnaissance Toolkit

badKarma is a python3 GTK+ group infrastructure penetration testing toolkit.
badKarma aim to help the tester in all the penetration testing phases (wisdom accumulating, vulnerability evaluate,exploitation,post-exploitation and reporting). It allow the tester to save some time thru having point-and-click get right to use to their toolkit and interacte with them via GUIs or Terminals, moreover each procedure is logged beneath a sqlite database so as to help right through the reporting phase or in a incident response situation.
It is usually available a proxychains switch that permit everything go through proxies, and ultimate alternatively not least, each directions may also be adjusted quicker than the execution thru disabling the “auto-execute” checkbox.
badKarma is allowed beneath GNU GPL type 3.
brute-force extension. It allow the tester to send a function without delay to Hydra and configure the parameters via a GUI.
  • Screenshot: this extension allow the tester to take a screenshot of possibile web servers, the screenshot will probably be stored throughout the log database as base64 and may also be in most cases confirmed from badKarma.
  • Browser: merely an “open in browser” for webservers menu products, take it for example to build your personal extensions.
  • Screenshots

    arrange Kali linux dependecies:

    # apt arrange python3-pip python3-gi phantomjs gir1.2-gtk-vnc-2.0 ffmpeg `

    clone the repository:

    $ git clone

    arrange python dependecies:

    # cd badKarma
    # pip3 arrange -r prerequisites.txt


    $ chmod +x
    $ ./
    Download badKarma